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[This episode starts with the janitor sweeps the floor at the gate, and the school bus stops at Aberdale Zoo and Ms. Baker's students drop off]

Ms. Baker: Okay, everyone just hold tight and we're not go in yet. Oh, ah, Crendle, can you do me a favor? Can you stop beating that garbage can, please. [Crendle stops beating the garbage can using his stick.]

[Vu shouts in run, while Kiby, Malessica, and Courtlin are talking each other.]

Belson: [walking] Uh, man! That was the worst, most irritating bus riding i've ever in my whole life.

Clarence: [follows Belson carrying with two juice pouches] Hey there, sit buddy! [giving Belson the juice pouch] You ain't not so fast, you forgot your juice pouch. [sipping the second juice pouch] Oh, wait this one is yours. [giving to another juice pouch and tapping Belson's cheek while Clarence sips.] [after he drinks a juice pouch] Ah!, Wow! Can you believe we where actually as a real-life zoo? This is gonna be so much fun! I wonder what animals are waked yet. [he sips both juice pouches again] Is this gonna be fun?

Belson: Uh-huh, you know about a time to find your loser friends now?

Clarence: Oh, Sumo and Jeff? They're not here today because Sumo got sick because he can't sleeping outside and Jeff got sick because, um, Sumo coughed in Jeff's mouth. So I guess this is you and me, say buddy?

Belson: Yeah, downed it. [says reluctantly]

Ms. Baker: Oh, okay, class, okay, before we go in, we're gonna need to partner up so where we sat next to our bus, that's we're sit buddy for the whole day, huh?

Clarence: [squishing both juice pouches and wets the Belson's hair] Aw, sweet!!

Belson: Aw, come on!

Ms. Baker: Okay, now, everyone gets this Zoo Mystery Worksheet, answer all the questions to figure it out which animals stole the key to the zoo.

Students: Aww!!!

Ms. Baker: Oh, don't worry, it's a fun game!

Students: Yey!!!!!

Ms. Baker: Then you'll be degraded not.

Students: [everyone disappoints]

[Entering the zoo]

Ms. Baker: Hey, let's go and remember make sure you stick with your... Hey! All right, stick with your buddies or we'll have to go home!

[We cut to the unnamed man is taking the picture to unnamed woman with "Doug the Penguin"]

Students: [everyone experienced the Zoo]

Ms. Baker: Hey, now everyone pull out your listening ears!

Students: [everyone pulling out their ears except for Belson]

Ms. Baker: Very good! All right, [demonstrates the map of zoo] now since one of us is allergic to peanuts.

Vu: [pointing to Breehn] It's Breehn!

Ms. Baker: It doesn't matter who it is! Okay, just means we can't go round (pointing the wrong animals) in these areas. Will have to the stick with that these five exhibits, cause i guess there in that free. Okay, first up is....

Students: [everyone glares to Breehn disappointingly] Aw!

Breehn: What? I can't help it, i'm not even an allergic!

[We cut to the Turtle Room as the students fell in line]

Clarence: Hey, so i wonder which one of these animals was an easy? Hmmm, Belson, [pokes to Belson] what do you think stole the key?

Belson: What? Ah, ah, i don't know, i don't really care about these animals.

Ms. Baker: Ok, guys, it's just gonna be a bit longer. Samuel, please don't sit liner. [Samuel stands up] Thank you.

Clarence: Wow! Isn't just the best zoo yet ever been too?

Belson: [steps the liner] It's okay, now I cheated town as vary with my mom last year was way bigger than this.

Percy: [reveals the white liquid on his left arm] Ms. Baker, a bird poo down on my arm.

Ms. Baker: Ah, gees, okay, aw, I wish you find a bathroom.

Belson: [leaves in a lane]

Clarence: Hey, Belson, wait up! Where you going, Belson? We're suppose to do the Turtles first.

Belson: No waiting in line for Turtles, I'll do the worksheet later. [crumples the worksheet]

Clarence [happily]: Oh, man! You're so bad! [he leaves the lane] Hey buddy, wait up!

[We cut to the map, Clarence and Belson's faces walks around the zoo]

[Cuts to walking Belson and Clarence]

Clarence: So where we going?

Belson: You no one we get there.

Clarence: Okay. I don't know why you don't like Turtles, they're so great, it's like their houses always wisdom. They're like little sea-hobos. This whole zoo is great. [points to other animals] Whoa! Look at that animals riding in front of us! [pointing to a pigeon eating a nugget]

Belson: You can see that anywhere, Clarence!

Clarence: Ah, look there's another animal! [runs] That's amazing!

Belson: That animal is a squirrel.

Clarence: Um, no, it's said is a lemur. [lemur escapes] [gasp] All the animals here are so cool but i don't have questions, no fair! I can fix that. [shows the pencil] How about [writes the worksheet] How big ares the lost? There kind a... [Belson runs a bit] [Clarence follows to Belson by running a bit] Minimum big i say. [writes the answer] Wow, this Zoo Mystery is really bit enough, it's real zoo done it! Up, [Belson runs] hey, Belson! Get it zoo cause I zoo, I write it on the worksheet. [Belson runs in anger] Hey, Belson!

[We cut to the map where Clarence's face follows to Belson's face directed to dolphin.]

[Cuts to Dolphin exhibit.]

Clarence: Ooh, dolphins! I don't see any dolphins. [leans the glass] Hello, dolphins! Where are all dolphins?!

Belson [noticing the restricted sign says "This tank is temporarily closed, We apologize for any inconvenience"]: This tank is temporarily closed. WHAT?! [slaps the sign] [angry] I hate this zoo! At the staff is closed! [bangs the glass]

Zookeeper: Sorry, boys. The tank is closed but you can't bang a on the glass. [points] Yup. [leaves]

Clarence [in small eyes]: So where you wanna going now, zoo buddy?

Belson: I don't care where you go! [shows the game boy] I'm just gonna play my game. [show the game boy that low bats] Are you kidding me? [boredom]

Clarence: [getting a worksheet inside his pocket] That's all right, Belson. We're all playing better game, who stall the zoo key? So we enter interrogate the cheetah's next?

Belson: I don't care!

Clarence: Okay, cheetah it is! [holding Belson's hand to pull] Yeah, cheetahs! [pulls] Come on, guy!

[Cuts to the Food Center where Ms. Baker's students took a lunch]

Ms. Baker: Okay, now the everyone get their bag of lunches?

Percy [sits next to Courtlin] [raised his right hand]: Ms. Baker, ah, we didn't have why so I give him someone's my sandwich.

Ms. Baker [writes down the note]: Ah, okay, Percy, that's very nice of you.

Percy: Yeah, it was a peanut butter. But I'm okay because I lot had it see any peanuts on it.

Ms. Baker: WHAT?! BREEHN!! [drops the worksheet]

[Breehn is having a eat rush with sandwich until he becomes an allergic]

Ms. Baker: Breehn, spit it out! Don't you dare! [opens wide a mouth] Don't swallow! Don't swallow! [Students cheer] Don't be a Breehn! You need to spit that peanut!

[Cuts to Clarence and Belson]

Clarence [Clarence smashing meek-at imaginably like a mole]: Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump! [smashing the last meek-at] [Belson dislikes]

[Clarence buys two ice creams and gives to Belson but he drops]

[Clarence rides a baby cart and bumps to Belson like a bulldozer] [Clarence laughs]

[Unknown Artist paints Clarence and Belson and shows the drawing patterns]

Clarence: [chuckles and rubs the stingray] Belson, touch this slimy vest. [holds the Belson's arm to touch the stingray]

[Cuts to zookeeper taking a picture with the elephant]

Clarence: [chuckles] [Belson leaves] [taking a shot with his open mouth]

Belson: [holds his nose as he didn't see this]

[We cut to the outside of the zoo]

Percy [holds Breehn's shoe]: How he didn't know he could have peanut butter.

Unnamed Blue Guard Man: It's gonna be okay, we'll take him back to the ER to get checked out ,one right up front the ambulance?

Ms. Baker: I don't think so.

Unnamed Blue Guard Man: About I just got your number then.

Ms. Baker: You can contact the school. All right, let's go to the bus that's one of excitement for one day! Woo! [Everyone leaves and way to the bus to go home]

Chelsea: I don't see any animals, why do we have go right now?

Nathan: [punches to Percy and Breehn's right arm]

Ms. Baker: Nathan, no hitting.

Breehn: It wasn't worth it.

Ms. Baker: Okay, I'm going on the other system here, guys. Is everyone see their buddies?

Students: Yes!

Ms. Baker [stress]: Ah, okay, good.

[Cuts to zoo but the remaining Ms. Baker's students was Clarence and Belson]

Belson [bores]: Aw, I've been here in forever, can we go now?

Clarence: Aw, cool! Belson, it says that bats you sounds to find out where they are, is called Echo-location. Let's try it. [blinds using his hands and runs around and hitting through obstacles until he bumps to Belson]

Belson [pushes Clarence]: Knock it off! You're so annoying! [angry]

Clarence: No, i didn't! Also Ba zooming mystery your way! [teases to Belson] Blah, blah, my name is Belson! Brats, that's so dumb! Err! I don't care what the answer is! [points and teasing to Belson] That's you.

Belson: No, it's not. That's not me! [push down Clarence's hand] That's it! I'm outta here!

[It appears night]

Belson [scared and sees the animal's creepy eyes in darken]: Ah.

Clarence: Whoa! Was that night time when we went there?

Belson [directs to the gate and it locks]: Ugh, the zoo is closed and I'm trapped inside here with you just perfect!

Clarence: I know! This is perfect, then we have a hold zoo to ourselves! We could say goodnight to all the animals. Good night, monkeys! Good night, Giraffe! Good night, dinosaurs!

Belson: We we're to your dumb brain domestic the worst situation for something fun!

Clarence: That's because is fun.

Belson: Ugh, how can you like everything?

Clarence: Well, how do you not like anything?

Belson: That's not true! I like somethings.

Clarence: Really, like what?

Belson: None of your business.

Clarence: We were here all day and you didn't lie us, single solitary animal.

Belson: That's because the only ones I wanted to see where the dolphins but they won't even here!

Clarence: [gasps and smiles]

Belson: What the heck are you smiling at?!

Clarence: Belson, you just told me to something you like!

Belson: Yeah, so?

Clarence: So does something only buddies do, and buddies always help the buddies, we're gonna track down what dolphin, buddy! And when we do, you're gonna look at Ur!

Belson: We can't, the tank is closed, remember?

Clarence: Does that means that there someone else [reveals the map] Hmm, we've been.. everywhere except there [points to Zoo Hospital] The animal church. Of course, [Belson noticed there's a guard] let's get over there and we're taking out [Belson tackles Clarence] [and hides at the bush] Hey, what the heck? [closes the mouth]

Belson: Shhh! [points to Zoo Keeper]

Zookeeper: [yawns] [carrying a flashlight]

Belson [whispers]: We gotta get out out of here before we get caught. No time for dolphin hunting.

Clarence: No one stops buddies, not even zookeepers, [holds Belson's cheek] I made a buddy promise and I'm gonna buddy keep it! Zoo powers, go! Power of snake! [acts a snake] [Belson do nothing] Power of monkey [holding the Restroom sign] [monkey sound] Power of Spider! [crawling through the walls but he fails by he falls to the garbage can] [jumping] Power of kangaroo! [Zookeeper didn't notice at the back] Power of sea otter! [swims in the fountain]

[Cuts to the map during night where Clarence and Belson's face direct to the Zoo Hospital]

[We cut to the Zoo Hospital where two dolphins see there]

Clarence: Wow, dolphins!

Belson: Wow!

Belson: A baby dolphin! It's so cool.

Clarence: I know, buddy! I know!

Belson: Wow!

Clarence: You wanna know why I like everything, Belson? Because everything is like a baby dolphin than me.

Belson: Yeah, but if everything is a baby dolphin. Then the real baby dolphin isn't the special.

Clarence: Yeah, but what if there was, um, think about like a whole planet, this just baby dolphins, that would be pretty cool?

Belson: Yeah, I guess that would it be pretty cool, buddy?

Clarence [happys on what Belson says about "Buddy"]

[The Zookeeper opens a wide light that Clarence and Belson had been caught as in punishment]

Zookeeper: Step away from that tank!

Belson [blames to Clarence]: He didn't, i don't know that guy, he didn't everything I didn't I wanna came here!

[Cuts to outside of the zoo and crowded of Fire Truck and Police car where it happens at the zoo]

Ms. Baker: Uh, I am so sorry, I promise this will never happen again. [Approaches to Clarence and Belson] You guys are in so much trouble! Well, you would be if i hadn't bring it right that sandwich.

Clarence: What?

Ms. Baker: It doesn't matter, just please, please stay with the group next time I almost had a heart attack. I was this close to moving to... California.. [California song]

Belson: Ms. Baker! [reveals the map] Zebra's restore the key, [points to Clarence] Clarence figure it out.

Clarence [gasp]: Thanks, buddy! [removes the towel] Zoo powers bear hug, go! [falls into the water]

[This episode ends with the "END" during a titular music of Zoo]