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West Aberdale Elementary is an elementary school found in Aberdale that appears in the Clarence episode "Field Trippin'". Lofton, who is an old enemy of Ms. Shoop, is the principal of this school. The students who attend here must wear specific clothing. Clarence briefly attends this school when he goes on a wrong bus during a school field trip, and is mistaken for the new kid, Jimmy Chakraborty.

In the final scene of the episode "Anywhere But Sumo", the school was destroyed by the vehicle of "Sumo Goes West", Probably it closed its doors.


In "Field Trippin'", on a school field trip, Clarence unintentionally boards a bus leading to West Aberdale Elementary, where he meets the principal, who mistakes him for the new student. Shortly after giving Clarence his school attire, Clarence goes to his first class of the day, which he makes fun by persuading the teacher into letting them write a letter to whoever they want. Afterwards, Clarence is greeted by two other kids, who compliment him for making the last period fun. Later that day after gaining popularity from all the other students, he uses the bathroom and meets the real transfer student, Jimmy. Jimmy explains to him about how his parents always move just when he gets settled, so he had decided not to make any friends this time, as he would just have to say goodbye to them before he left again.

Clarence, upset by Jimmy's story, introduces him to the other kids during lunch. Jimmy, however, becomes embarrassed and runs out of the lunchroom, being closely followed by Clarence. The two run into the principal, and she is about to give Clarence his personal ID, when Sumo bursts in and prevents her from handing it to him. Meanwhile, Clarence notices Jimmy talking to another kid, Bree, and smiles at his growth when the principal informs them that they are in a load of trouble. Clarence takes off his uniform, and he and Sumo race out to Ms. Shoop's car. The gang rides away as the principal runs into the street, yelling, as the episode ends.

Students who attend West Aberdale[]