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The episode begins with a commercial for Squirty's Moist Mountain Waterpark.

​Narrator: Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you fried in this Arizona summer heat? Man is it hot. Well, you'll be surprised to find out that in the nuzzle deep in this air desert marks one of Aberdale's greatest treasures. ​(Logo for Squirty's Moist Mountain Waterpark appears on screen) ​SQUIRTY'S MOIST MOUNTAIN WATERPARK! That's right, the only waterpark for HUNDREDS OF MILES! Just 20 minutes from downtown right off the tenth freeway, across from Clam Clam's Clam House! We've got fun for the whole family! Are you brave enough to test your courage on the LOG OF DOOM? Or maybe you're just looking to go with the flow in tidal wave cave! Bring the little ones to explore Cuddle Cove with Belugi the pirate whale! That's right, PIRATE WHALE! And for all you thrill seekers, Squirty's pleased to announce their grand reopening of...the CURD CHURNER, Squirty's most popular ride! Now taller than ever before! Boy, does that look like fun! ​(Logo reappears on screen and Squirty comes on)

Squirty: Watch out for that first drop! It's a DOOZY! ​(Slides off the screen)

​The episode shifts to Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo waiting in line for the waterpark.

Clarence: [Chanting] ​Squirty! Squirty! Squirty! Squirty! Squirty! Oh man, we're almost at the front!

Sumo: Yeah! I can't wait to go on they just opened, the Curd Churner!

Jeff: [Looks at flyer and gasps] ​Uhh...I don't know, guys. There's a lot of other really neat attractions here. Maybe we could check those out first. The Curd Churner looks a little too intense for my tastes.

​Sumo: Yeah. Intense. ​[Pushes Jeff forward][​chuckles]

​Cap giver: ​[Gives swim cap to woman] Welcome to Squirty's, squirt up the fun, yadadada. ​[Clarence grunts] ​Welcome to Squirty's, where, uh, here, have a hat. ​[Hands Clarence swim cap]

​Clarence: Ooooh. [Takes cap, puts it on his head. He smiles and walks through the entrance]

​Cap giver: Welcome to Squirty's-

​Jeff: [Looking at flyer] ​No thanks. |- |​Sumo |​(Runs past panting) |- |​Jeff |Which one should we ride first? Ohh, the Log of Doom! |- |​Boy |​(Holding onto log crying) ​No! I don't- I don't want to fall in! Aw, so cold! |- |​Sumo |Eh. ​(Walks away with Clarence) |- |​Jeff |Okay, how about Tidal Wave Cave? That one looked pretty cool in the commercial. |- | |​Jeff, Clarence, and Sumo walk into gave. A boy and girl are being splashed by waves controlled by man pushing a lever. Clarence and Sumo walk out. |- |​Jeff |What, you guys don't want to do this one? ​(Walks towards other attraction) ​Ok, guys, you're gonna love this one. Let's hang out with Belugi the Pirate Whale and his marine mateys! |- | |​The three look to see a boy fall off the whale's blowhole, crying. |- |​Jeff |Wow. Looks pretty fun, right? |- |​Sumo |Jeff, why do you wanna do all this lame stuff? Let's get to the Curd Churner already! |}