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Walter "Walt" and Tiffany are minor characters in Clarence. They made their first appearance in "Dinner Party." They are the parents of Breehn.


They both looks almost same appearance to their son, Breehn. However, Walt's hair is brown and Tiffany's dirty blonde. They both have black eyes. Tiffany is shown to wear a white-yellow colored turtleneck in Dinner Party and Hairence and is depicted with a blue turtleneck in Gameshow. Unlike their son, their head shape looks identical to Sumo's, not Breehn's.


Walt and Tiffany are very arrogant, as they do not let Breehn be a goon and they brag about their new home to all of the other parents, as shown in Dinner Party.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "Gameshow" (Tiffany only; Walt mentioned)

Season 3



  • Chad doesn't like them because he thinks they're weird. Mary defends them by saying they're "cultured", but likely changed her mind and considers them "snobs".
  • They are similar to the Bigheads from Rocko's Modern Life, the Stotches from South Park, and to the Robinsons from The Amazing World of Gumball.
    • Coincidentally, all these families have one child each, all of which are male. However, the Bigheads' only child, Rachel (formerly known as Ralph) is transgender, making her (formerly him) the only child from the list to not be male as of her gender transition.
  • They most likely blame Mary's family for the destruction of their home.
  • 1: Tiffany noticed that Clarence was curious about going to the attic, even though Breehn told his friends that they couldn't go up there.
  • 2: Chad was the first to burst out though the ceiling when all the other adults were eating.
  • A man who looks like Walt was seen in the Regular Show episode, Married and Broke.


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