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Vu is a minor character in Clarence. He was first seen in "Honk".


He has beige skin and black hair. He wears a green shirt, blue clothes, long white socks and blue shoes.


Like most minor characters, he hasn't been prominently featured in an episode yet so little is known about him.

He seems to be very spontaneous and hyper. In the "Zoo" episode, he's seen running around while all the other students are walking towards the Zoo entrance in unison, making Ms. Baker have to call him over. And later, when Ms. Baker tells the class that someone has a peanut allergy, he instantly shouts out that it's Breehn, despite not being asked.

Also, as seen "Honk", like almost all the other students likes to have crazy fun and go along with bandwagons as he's seen sitting next to Sumo, laughing like crazy as Clarence honks his horn at Jeff.

In the episode "Lil' Buddy", when Clarence was forcing Jeff to hold his Lil Buddy's hand, Vu went running to Ms. Shoop saying "Ms. Shoop! Ms. Shoop! Know that one kid? The weirdo one who used to be nice, but then he's weird now? The one who cut his hair?! And actually he's trying to-! There is just a bunch of kids! And I think you should..uhm... just come and see!"

In another episode, "Turtle Hats", Clarence asks Vu if he knows what their homework means. Vu replies with "No. No, I don't know."

He was also seen making fart sounds with the boys to protest against the banning of the cactus fart comics in the episode "Cactus Freedom".


The gallery for Vu can be found here.


  • In "Jeff's Secret, he revealed to have 3 nipples (although the thid one is called a Supernumerary Nipple).
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