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舌上音類 tong Miyake

重唇音類 molars k, kh, ld, n

舌上音類 light lip bilabials (dental affrication Modern Term Translation Modern Term Translatals) t, th, dz, r, ʑ ɫ, ɬ, z, s

正齒音類 heavy lip laminals ', d, ny' tʂ tʂh dʐ ʂ

牙音類 flowing air resonants l, lh, j, sh tɕ, tsh, dʑ, ɕ

喉音類 incisor tip laminals (alveolar velaryngeals f, v, w v

舌頭音類 molars) ty', thy', h ., x, ɣ

流風音類 flowing air resonants l, lh, j, s ts, tsh, dz, r, ʑ ɫ, ɬ, zz l, lh, g, ny' tʂ tʂh