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Tommy is a minor character in Clarence. He made his first appearance in "Plane Excited."


He appears to be the exact height as Clarence. He is stocky with fair skin, close-set eyes, a black unibrow, and a round head. He also has a round nose that is constantly dripping snot. His hair is brown and chin length.

Tommy's design has noticeably changed throughout the show, meaning his appearance varies episode to episode. In his supposed first appearance in "Plane Excited," Tommy looks younger and rounder than he does now, with an upturned nose and chubby cheeks. He wears a yellow, long-sleeved shirt and a blue-and-periwinkle hat. In "Flood Brothers," he looks almost completely different, with a taller, slimmer body and smaller eyes. He wears a blue t-shirt, dark blue shorts and shoes, and a dark blue hat.

In "Karate Mom," he wears a white karate uniform (or "gi") with a white belt.


Tommy is a typical example of a bratty, snot-nosed kid. He is rude and highly competitive, as seen when he tried to compete with Mary in karate, he shown to push her out of his way, and some reason unknown, he seems to be very rude to her, despite of the fact that he wasn't aware that after he chopped the boards, Mary decided to stack both of the broken boards and went into transition of breaking both in the process, he wasn't impressed that Mary was able to break both boards without breaking a sweat.


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