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Sumo's Brothers are minor characters in Clarence. They were first mentioned in "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend" and are first seen in "Jeff's New Toy."


Sumo has eleven brothers: eight younger and two older. The younger brothers all appear close in age to Sumo, with the exception of one, who is still an infant. The two older brothers appear to be teenagers. Most of the brothers are not named, only being numbered in model drawings.


The brothers bear a strong resemblance to Sumo and their father. They all have tan skin, strong noses, and large eyes and ears. Most of them also have some part of their head shaved. The only notable differences between the boys are hair length and color (which range from dirty blonde to brown), as well as clothing.

Going off of the picture, starting with the boy on the left of his mother:

  • The first brother has short, brown hair. He wears an orange shirt, purple pants, and light-purple shoes.
  • The second brother has combed, blond hair, though he's nearly bald. He wears a light-green shirt, brown shorts, and red shoes.
  • Tony: the third brother has brown, curly hair and is also mostly bald. He wears a gray tank top, blue pants, and light-grey shoes. He may be the tallest of Sumo's younger brothers.
  • The fourth brother has brown bangs in the middle of his head and brown tufts of sideburns on the sides, but no hair anywhere else. He wears a dark-green shirt, olive-green pants, and green shoes.
  • The fifth brother has long, blond hair with shaved sides, and a prominent widow's peak. He wears a red t-shirt, greyish-yellow pants, and brown shoes.
  • The sixth brother has blond hair parted in the middle. He wears a grey shirt, green pants, and blue shoes.
  • The seventh brother has neat, brown hair. He wears a purple shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes.
  • The eighth brother has a blond mohawk. He wears a dark-orange t-shirt, purple pants, and grey shoes.
  • Tanner: the ninth brother is tall with shoulder-length, blond hair that covers both his eyes. He wears a dark-green shirt with ripped sleeves, blue jeans, and grey sneakers.
  • Joseph: the tenth brother is tall with shoulder-length, brown hair that covers both his eyes. He wears a greyish-purple shirt with ripped sleeves, blue jeans, and grey sneakers.

The eleventh brother is not pictured, and is just an infant, as seen in "Suspended."

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