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[The episode starts at Clarence’s house where he invites Mavis and Chelsea to his garage as a haunted house]

Clarence: Welcome to Clarence the Grusome’s house of frights and screams and fears and stuff! Enter at your own risk.

[Clarence then opens the garage and enters along with Chelsea and Mavis]

Clarence: Ha, ha, mortals! Here we are, in a dimension in uh... (whisper) Jeff hit the music.

Jeff: Oh, yeah.

[Jeff than turns on the music player that then plays erie music]

Clarence: A dimension unlike any dimension you ever heard of. In all sorts of danger at every turn.

[Clarence then pushes Chelsea and Mavis closer in the garage where Sumo breaks out of a box wearing a mask and holds a fake sword]

Clarence: Don't look so terrified, you're safe here with Clarence the Grusome. Or are you?

[Clarence then takes a white sheet of a table of snack to cut to the next scene]

Clarence: Perhaps, I can interest you in some gross snacks, such as eyeball-flavored grapes.

[Clarence then grabs Chelsea’s spider hands and puts them in the bowl, staining them]

Chelsea: My spider hands!

Clarence: Or how about some spaghetti brains!

[Clarence grabs Mavis’s right hand and puts it in the bowl. She then moves her hand around in the spagnetting, and takes it out with sauce in her hand. A box with a drawing of a skull taped on it then comes around on a skateboard. Jeff then pops out, holding a balloon with a drawing of a face of him with x-eyes]

Jeff: I lost my head!

Chelsea:(o.s) Ok Jeff’s head.

[Mavis then touches Jeff’s shirt, leaving a mark of spaghetti sauce on it]

Jeff: Aah! Hey!, stop that!

[Jeff then runs away from them, letting them go to the last part of the garage]

Clarence:(o.s) So it seems you survived mortals, or did you?

[Clarence move out of the way, revealing two cardboard tombstones of Chelsea and Mavis with their names spelled wrong. Sumo then throws flower petals on their graves]

Sumo: They were so young.

[Clarence and Jeff then walk out. Clarence cackles maniacally around them]

Chelsea: Well Clarence, that was kinda lame.

[The eerie music stops playing, Clarence then peeks behind Chelsea’s fake tombstone]

Clarence: What? Not uh. You were so scared, I saw you trembling.

Chelsea:(scoffs) Not uh.

[Chelsea then walks away. Mavis then starts freaking out]

Jeff: Mavis think it seems to be scary.

[Mavis then freaks out to looking at a near by fire hydrant. Sumo then walks over to Chelsea]

Sumo: Yeah what do you got?, your spider coustume ain’t that scary.

Chelsea: Shut Sumo or I’ll fart on you. Anyways, do you guys wanna go Trick or Treating?

[Clarence then freezes in fear. Chelsea saying “Trick or Treating” echos getting slower while zooming into Clarence. Clarence then flashbacks to a previous Halloween, Trick or Treating at Gale’s house]

Gale: Well look at you! Are you suppose to be Miss Piggy?

[Screen then shows Clarence wearing a pink feathered boa and pink and purple colored sunglasses while shaking, holding his bladder]

Clarence: Uh?, yes,I. Can I use your bathroom?

Gale: Um?...,

Clarence: Thank you, you the best!

[Clarence then runs into her house, making her drop the bowl of candy. Then then comes into the bathroom turning on the light, revelaing a floating ghost Halloween decoratio making eerie noises. Clarence then tremble and run out of Gale’s house, passing by her and other trick-or-treaters. The last part of the flashback shows in run in the neighborhood. The flashback ends]