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Spencer Rothbell was born on May 23, 1986 in New Jersey and grew up in Vermont. He attended CalArts and studied Experimental Animation where he made dumb prank calls and super serious artsy shorts. He also studied at Second City in Chicago, where he took classes with an improv group (called The ChuckCharlies) and tried his best not to over-think being funny. He's worked on some short films with friends - including carrying heavy equipment around for Colin Scully's Finding Ambrosia and making some bits of animation for a music video called by yung jake. He now works as a big-shot writer on Clarence, merging all his favorite things: comedy, cartoons, and storytelling. According to this article he may be the new voice actor for Clarence following Skyler Page's firing. He was confirmed to voice Clarence in the second season:

As of December 1st, He's the writer for an upcoming Netflix series, Twelve Forever (originally a Cartoon Network orignal)[1]

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Note: He is credited for adapting the story in almost every episodes except Fun Dungeon Face Off through Clarence Gets a Girlfriend, Dinner Party, and Belson's Sleepover. Also, somewhere in the second half of season 1, he becomes the head of story.

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  • It is announced that he will be voicing Clarence for the second season as Skyler Page was fired after having a mental breakdown.