Shannon is a minor character in Clarence (series), she only appeared in "Dullance".


She heavily resembles Clarence (e.g similar face and tanlines), except she wears a light teal colored dress and hat with white gloves, and has long blond hair and eyelashes, but now, she's a black bulldog with red eyes, a short tail, and her head shape was clarence's head shape.


A little known about Shannon is that whether she's part of Clarence's imagination or illusion, she's particularly a middle-schooler as she wanted someone to go out somewhere, as much as Clarence who's confused about her looking alike him, as he declines, as later in the episode, she is seen with all other kids including Gilben, she later stroll off with her coach and exited, she is also from bacon Georgia



  • It's unknown if she was a real person or someone from Clarence's imagination.
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