Season 1 is the first season of Clarence. It started on April 14, 2014 with Fun Dungeon Face Off/Pretty Great Day with a Girl.

The show had released it's first set of episodes when it was put on hold during the Skyler Page Incident. It returned following the incident until December 4, 2014, when it was once again put on hold for 5 months. It was announced in late March that the show would return on April 6, 2015 with 5 new episodes, Suspended, Turtle Hats, Goose Chase, Goldfish Follies, and Chimney. Season 1 coincided on October 27, 2015 with a halloween special "Spooky Boo", ended with over 51 episodes total.


The Clarence (series) was greenlit on December 13, 2012, while the pilot was released on May 21, 2013 on CN website, alongside with Steven Universe, it said to contain 12 episodes, which they were produced throughout 2013 to early 2014. The show officially premiered April 14, 2014, Fun Dungeon Face Off had already premiered online on April 6, 2014 via Cartoon Network's Youtube Channel. On July 25, 2014, Cartoon Network announced 13 more episodes for Clarence, bringing the series up to 25 episodes in Season 1.

Majority of the first 13 episodes were produced between late 2012 and mid 2013, while the remaining set of episodes were produced throughout 2014 and mid 2015, as during the mid-2014, this season was notorious for the show creator, Skyler Page, who was accused by Emily Pathidge (person who worked Adventure Time) for the incident, which it resulted him being fried by the network as it resulted promoted Spencer Rothbell as the new showrunner and voice actor for Clarence and other characters.


No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
1 FunDungeonFaceOffTitle

Fun Dungeon Face Off April 14, 2014 101
Jeff must overcome his germ phobias when Clarence and Sumo steal his french fries.
2 PrettyGreatDayWithAGirlTitle

Pretty Great Day with a Girl April 14, 2014 102
Clarence bonds with a girl down the street named Amy in a hunt for a monster-sized rock called an "erratic"
3 Money broom wizard title

Money Broom Wizard April 21, 2014 103
Clarence, Jeff and Sumo try to have fun at the arcade with only a dollar to spend.
4 Lost in the supermarket title

Lost in the Supermarket April 21, 2014 104
During a trip to the supermarket, Clarence finds adventure and intrigue in the aisles.
5 ClarenceMillionsTitle

Clarence's Millions April 28, 2014 105
Clarence creates his own currency of "Clarence Dollars," but it soon gets out of hand.
6 Clarence Gets No Girlfriend

Clarence Gets a Girlfriend May 5, 2014 106
Clarence dates a girl from school and he's pretty nervous.

Jeff's New Toy May 12, 2014 107
Jeff and Clarence clash over keeping a toy in its box.
8 Dinner party title

Dinner Party June 12, 2014 108
When Clarence attends a stuffy dinner party with Breehn and his parents, he tries to find fun wherever he can.
9 Honk - title

Honk June 19, 2014 109
Clarence tries to improve his communication skills through a squeeze horn.
10 Dollar hunt title

Dollar Hunt June 26, 2014 110
Clarence tries to meet new friends through a dollar hunt game.
11 Zoo title

Zoo July 3, 2014 111
Clarence and Belson get paired up on a field trip to the Zoo.
12 Vlcsnap-2014-07-11-18h05m36s224 Rise 'N' Shine July 10, 2014 112
Clarence wakes up early and experiences the adventures the early morning has to offer.
13 Manofhousetitle

Man of the House July 17, 2014 113
Clarence and his friends spend the night alone for the first time, but things quickly spiral out of control.
14 Puddleeyes

Puddle Eyes July 24, 2014 114
The school hosts a "20/20 Vision Bee", unfortunately Clarence gets blinded by getting mud in his eyes.
15 Dream Boat

Dream Boat July 31, 2014 115
Sumo devotes himself to the Sisyphean task of building a boat, defying the expectations of everyone in his life, including himself.
16 Slumber party title

Slumber Party August 7, 2014 116
Sumo and Jeff are upset when Clarence ditches them for a girl's slumber party he was accidentally invited to.
17 Nature Clarence

Nature Clarence August 14, 2014 117
Clarence, Sumo, Jeff and Percy going on a hike with their "leader", Joshua.

18 Average Jeff Card

Average Jeff October 2, 2014 118
Jeff suffers an identity crisis when a standardized test lands him in the lesser of the classes academic groupings.
19 Lizard Day Afternoon card

Lizard Day Afternoon October 9, 2014 119
Clarence and Sumo chase a lizard; Jeff jockeys for playing time on Belson's gaming system.
20 The Forgotten card

The Forgotten October 16, 2014 120
Clarence gets left at school and Brady tags along on his journey home.
21 Neighborhood Grill Card

Neighborhood Grill October 23, 2014 121
Clarence cannot stop himself from intruding on Ms. Baker's date.
22 BelsonsSleepoverTitleCard

Belson's Sleepover October 30, 2014 122
Belson invites the gang to a sleepover, and whoever can survive a night of pranks and scares will win Belson's game system: the Acedia 64.
23 TooGrossForComfertTitle

Too Gross For Comfort November 6, 2014 123
Chelsea, a girl from school invades the school boys' treehouse, and they must gross her out so she leaves.
24 PilotExpansionTitleCard

Pilot Expansion November 13, 2014 124
Clarence, Sumo and Jeff try to recount the day they all met.
25 Patients Title Card

Patients November 20, 2014 125
To combat the boredom of a waiting room, Clarence invents a game with prize candy from the reception desk.
26 Rough Riders Elementary

Rough Riders Elementary December 1, 2014 126
Clarence’s school gets a corporate sponsorship, but when it feels like a takeover, Clarence wants to stand up to "the man"
27 Nothing Ventured

Nothing Ventured December 2, 2014 127
Clarence and Sumo try to gather money to invest in Chad and Sumo’s father’s business venture: a boutique sculpture shop.
28 BedsideMannersTitleCard

Bedside Manners December 3, 2014 128
When Belson lands himself in a body cast, Clarence tries to cheer him up while he is in the hospital
29 JeffWinsTitleCard

Jeff Wins December 4, 2014 129
Clarence is called in to help Jeff overcome his fear of losing a cook-off.
30 Suspended card

Suspended April 6, 2015 130
Clarence and Sumo are eager to return to school after becoming increasingly bored during a week-long suspension.
31 Turtle Hats

Turtle Hats April 7, 2015 131
When Ms. Baker accidentally assigns a weekend project on "turtle hats", the students have a hard time understanding what is being asked.
32 Goose Chase

Goose Chase April 8, 2015 132
Clarence imagines himself as the king of the birds until a persistent goose gets greedy.
33 Goldfish Follies Title Card

Goldfish Follies April 9, 2015 133
Clarence struggles to get his new goldfish friend into water when its bag breaks.
34 ChimneyTitle

Chimney April 10, 2015 135
While playing in the woods, the boys befriend a dog who they name "Chimney."
35 Straight Illin Title Card

Straight Illin April 16, 2015 135
During a series of escalating dares, Clarence eats 500 deviled eggs, growing increasingly more sick.
36 Dust Buddies

Dust Buddies April 23, 2015 136
Belson's mother attempts to teach him a lesson by making him clean the house, rerouting the maid to Clarence's house instead.
37 HurricaneDillissTitleCard

Hurricane Dilliss April 30, 2015 137
When Mary's mother visits, she interferes in all aspects of Clarence, Mary and Chad's lives.

38 Hoofin' It

Hoofin' It May 7, 2015 138
Everyone's excited for the annual Aberdale Greased Pig Chase, except for Clarence.
39 Detention card

Detention May 14, 2015 139
When detention becomes the place to be during recess, Jeff transforms it into a 'too-cool-for-school' club.
40 Hairence

Hairence May 21, 2015 140
Clarence is working at his mother's hair shop! The excitement gets ruined by a demanding woman named Sandy.
41 Lil' Buddy

Lil' Buddy July 20, 2015 141
After playing a bit too aggressively with his Lil Buddy doll, Clarence gets a timeout and his worst nightmare comes true – he misses recess and became a school's bully.

42 Chalmerssantiago

Chalmers Santiago July 21, 2015 142
While Clarence spends a lazy Sunday playing an 8-bit adventure game called DRAGON’S CUSP, Mary asks him to return some mail to the guy across the street, “Chalmers Santiago,” whom they’ve never seen. Clarence makes it his mission to befriend the mysterious neighbor, only to find out it’s someone he knows quite well.
43 Tuckeredboys

Tuckered Boys July 22, 2015 143
Jeff is all set to go to bed so he can wake up for the early morning meteor shower when Clarence suggests the unthinkable: What if they stay up – all night long?! As the boys struggle to stay awake, their reality starts to slip away as sleep-deprivation induced hallucinations play tricks with their heads.
44 Water Park card

Water Park July 23, 2015 144
The trio heads to Squirty’s Moist Mountain water park, and as Clarence learns the truth about his idol Squirty, Jeff and Sumo wait in line for the reopening of the parks tallest slide, The Curd Churner.

45 Where The Wild Chads Are

Where The Wild Chads Are July 24, 2015 145
When Chad takes Clarence on a rugged camping trip, Clarence takes steps to make things less cushy.
46 Breehn Ho

Breehn Ho! August 6, 2015 146
Avast mateys! Clarence and Sumo are psyched to play their pirate-themed board game, Thirty Days and Seven Seas, until they learn Jeff has invited boring old Breehn along. After Breehn gets frustrated and leaves, it’s up to the three scallywags to rescue Breehn from an intense flood.
47 TheBigPeteyPizzaProblem

The Big Petey Pizza Problem August 13, 2015 147
Jeff worries that his birthday party will be ruined when he learns that Gilben is having a party at the same place.
48 The Break Up card

The Break Up August 20, 2015 148
When Jeff and Sumo vow to stop speaking after an argument, Clarence makes a plan to get the friends back together.
49 In dreams title

In Dreams August 27, 2015 149
While watching a TV show about dreams, Clarence dozes off and enters the whimsical dreamscape of his mind and meets a dream friend named Jeremy. Fearing that he didn't close the garage door like his mother told him to, Clarence struggles to sleepwalk his way to closing the door while Jeremy distracts him with other things.
50 Balance

Balance September 3, 2015 150
Ms. Baker introduces a new student, a short little kid with a hook for a hand named Balance. Clarence is pumped to have a new friend, despite Balance’s gruff attitude and snarky jibes at the other kids. When Clarence discovers a disturbing secret about Balance, he and Belson team up to expose him for who he truly is.
51 Spooky Boo card

Spooky Boo October 27, 2015 151
After Clarence leads a few neighborhood kids through his homemade haunted house, Chelsea suggests they go to the high school kids haunted house for some real scares. When the gang makes a wrong turn they find themselves in a mysterious house on a hill full of creepy sounds, ghoulish shadows and a mutant rat man!