Sandy is a character that is mentioned from time to time. In Hairence it is revealed that she is the woman in a motorized scooter from Lost in the Supermarket. She is not a friend of Mary but more of an enemy. She is an incredibly rude customer who treated the employee's at the salon like garbage. She is very snooty, deliberately runs over anyone that's in her way, especially like she did to Kevin, thereby smashing his hands by the ramp, running over Mary's toes and even driving her scooter over Kevin entirely. She pushes other customers out the way and only speaks to Mary, listens to smooth songs, demands good bargains and coupons and prefers using Shine shampoo, using the term 'The customer is always right' as an excuse to act as disrespectful to others as she wants. Her catchphrase is "Harumph" speaking it in a snooty way.


Season 1

Season 2

Character Reception

Following after her first major appearance in "Hairence", many fans showed extreme dislike/hatred towards her and by the way she treated Clarence, Kevin, Mary, and the others, indiscrimantely describing her as the one of the worst characters of the show.


Her gallery can be found Here


  • She seems to be illiterate, as she shows a coupon for fries instead of shampoo. However she could just be attempting to scam the salon with it.

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