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Season 1[]

Fun Dungeon Face Off[]

Pretty Great Day with a Girl[]

Money Broom Wizard[]

Lost in the Supermarket[]

Clarence's Millions[]

Clarence Gets a Girlfriend[]

Jeff's New Toy[]

Dinner Party[]


Dollar Hunt[]

Man of the House[]

Puddle Eyes[]

Dream Boat[]

Slumber Party[]

Nature Clarence[]

Average Jeff[]

Lizard Day Afternoon[]

The Forgotten[]

Neighborhood Grill[]

Belson's Sleepover[]

Too Gross For Comfort[]

Pilot Expansion[]

Rough Riders Elementary[]

Nothing Ventured[]

Bedside Manners[]

Jeff Wins[]


Turtle Hats[]

Goldfish Follies[]

Straight Illin[]


Hoofin' It[]


Lil' Buddy[]

Tuckered Boys[]

Water Park[]