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Rough Riders Elementary Gallery Transcript
Rough Riders Elementary
Rough Riders Elementary
Clarence's Transcripts
Episode Season 1
Episode 26
Written & Storyboarded by Spencer Rothbell (Writer)
Skyler Page, Mark Banker and Spencer Rothbell (Story)
Brett Varon and Zeus Cervas (Storyboard)
Chronology Previous: Patients
Next: Nothing Ventured

[Large white text on a black background reads "MONDAY."]

[The school is briefly shown before it cuts to Clarence at the cafeteria]

[Clarence takes a bite out of a chicken nugget]

Clarence: Rough Riders you've done it again: delicious, even cold.

Clarence: Jeff, you simply must try the chicken. (Clarence puts the nugget next to Jeff's meal)

Jeff: Yeah, I've had it before. Several times. (Jeff pushes the nugget away with juice box)

(Clarence takes out new rough riders sauce from his lunch bag)

Clarence: But not with this new sauce!

(Clarence opens sauce as a scent comes out)

Clarence: Cinnamon Ranch, I think I'm gonna love you.

(Clarence puts the nugget in sauce and eats it, spitting out the sauce shortly after)

Clarence: Nope, definitely not. A rare misstep for Rough Riders.

(Sumo comes to sit at their table.)

Clarence: Yuck! Get this stuff out of my sight.

Sumo: What you guys talkin' about?

Clarence: This gross, new Rough Riders sauce. You don't even wanna touch it, trust me.

(Sumo tries the sauce and takes an immediate liking to it.)

Sumo: What? You're crazy! It's great! Here Jeff, you gotta try this!

Jeff: Aw, Sumo. (He tries it.) Savory kick, ( Keeps tasting) bit of sweetness (Keeps tasting) Is that nutmeg?

Perfect 10 in my book.

( Sumo and Jeff keep eating it.)

Clarence: You guys are gross.

(Sumo licks the sauce from the carton)

Clarence: I've lost my appetite. I don't think I'll ever eat again.

(Sumo and Jeff keep eating, Clarence comes back to eat.)

Clarence: Don't judge me.