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This page lists every single appearance Regis Gilben has had throughout the entire series of Clarnece.


  • "Pilot" - Seen in class. His mouth is open when looking at the card, while also blinking.

Season 1[]

  • "Clarence's Millions" - Seen eating a star from one of Jeff's Buddy Star. Jeff pushes him to the ground.
  • "Honk" - Seen in class. He is also seen being talked to by Reed, before Clarence plays an airhorn, knocking Gilben down.
  • "Zoo" - Seen in line being held by Mavis.
  • "Man of the House" - Seen in the Monster Truck Jousting audience.
  • "Puddle Eyes" - Seen holding a dodgeball while being held by Kennan and Guyler. He is also mentioned by Clarence when Jeff says his name.
  • "Slumber Party" - Seen in class. He's also seen calling out alongside else when Clarence walks to the front of the class.
  • "Average Jeff" - Seen sitting at the bus, and in class.
  • "Pilot Expansion" - Seen as an older version sitting next to Percy.
  • "Rough Riders Elementary" - Seen in the Rough Riders Chicken takeover.
  • "Turtle Hats" - Seen in class.
  • "Suspended" - Seen in class. The nail that flied all over class hits him in the eye, not even making a scratch.
  • "Straight Illin" - Seen at the lunch line briefly, and also seen in class.
  • "Detention" - Seen joining other kids at detention playing with toys. He's seen playing badminton with Dustin, and recreating the "The Creation of Adam" painting on a Sketch It pad.
  • "Lil' Buddy" - Seen in class, and in the playground.
  • "Breehn Ho!" - Seen laying in the flooding rain with 3 cats using him as a raft.
  • "The Big Petey Pizza Problem" - His first major role. He is seen celebrating his birthday with everyone else, while also sharing his birthday with Jeff.
  • "Balance" - Seen sitting with a few kids, as Balance claims that Gilben is nothing but a "fools gaze".
  • "Spooky Boo" - Cameo in the background with a trick or treat bag.

Season 2[]

  • "Lost Playground" - Seen in class. He, alongside Jeff, are the only people seen still sitting after the bell rings. He is seen later at the end on a see saw.
  • "Bird Boy Man" - Seen in class. He's also seen reading a book.
  • "Freedom Cactus" - Seen in class. He's also seen in the playground.
  • "Time Crimes" - Seen in class playing chess by himself.
  • "Saturday School" - Jeff checks his desk to see nothing but shiny purple crystals in his desk.
  • "Company Man" - Was the one to kick the ball into the goal due to Clarence's incompetence.
  • "The Tails of Mardrynia" - Seen smiling when Percy is saying his story.
  • "The Substitute" - Apparently "rough-housing" when Ms. Baker tries to put an ant jar on her table. When the substitute calls out Gilben's name, Camden imitates his pose and says that he's here for Gilben.
  • "Dullance" - Seen standing next to some random house, with Rita Hall demanding to see his blood to know if he's an alien or not. He is then seen at the end with Shannon.
  • "Jeff's Secret" - Seen sitting at a lunch table.
  • "Space Race" - Seen watching a film in class. He is later seen building a rectangle-shape rocket with Guyler and Kennan.
  • "Plant Daddies" - Seen in the beginning when Ms. Baker is signing partners up. When planted, it starts growing roses. His partner seems to be Crendle.
  • "Clarence and Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure" - Seen at the school bus, museum trip, and in class.
  • "Birthday" - Seen in Clarence's birthday party. He gives him a "Ding! Dong! Donkey" game.
  • "Capture The Flag" - A part of the "wheelies". When he is freed from jail, Clarence has to free him twice.

Season 3[]




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