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The Randell residence is a location where Jeff Randell and his two mothers, Sue and EJ, live.


The House is more furnished and modern-looking than Clarence's house and Sumo's house, the house contains a garage on the right, the front has a wind chime hanging up, a small bush plant with a pot, a white chair, a satellite, and the house consists one single roof on the left, and another facing front, inside has a living room that contains a beige colored sofa, with picture frames on the wall on either side alongside with an mask, a red rug, an HDTV in the living room. The house has two bedrooms, one is Jeff's room and another is EJ and Sue's Room.

Jeff's room contains a computer, a bookshelf, a map of Arizona, a picture frame of 35th U.S. president John F. Kennedy (located next to his door) and several posters. In addition to the features of house also has a fenced backyard that contains a small waterfall fountain with rocks and a small garden with a tree.

In "Sneaky Peeky" it was revealed the home has a basement.


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