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Pizza Hero Gallery Transcript
  • This is the first episode in 2017.
  • This is the last episode for Season 2.

Episodes Notes[]

Character Relations[]

  • The photo of Ms. Baker's ex-boyfriend is dated to 1998.
  • The photo of Ms.Baker's ex-boyfriend is Damien, a reference to Mary's nickname for him as the Lady Killer in Rock Show. This also shows that Damien moves on from time to time between women
    • The picture of Ms. Baker's ex-boyfriend is Damian (who was previously mentioned in several episodes) who would later make a full appearance in Rock Show.
    • It also shows Ms. Baker had a 90's cell phone. However in earlier episodes show she has a more invasive cell phone that she is able to text.


  • As the part where Belson mentioned that he fell off out of the roof and sent in the hospital is referenced from Bedside Manners.