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Patsie is a minor character in Clarence.


Patsie is a student in Ms. Baker's fourth grade class, though she looks much younger than most of her classmates. Patsie is very studious, taking several books home with her ("Clarence Gets a Girlfriend"), though also very much a child, playing ball pits and picking her nose ("Fun Dungeon Face Off").


Patsie is a small child with fair skin, short curly blonde hair, big blue eyes, and long eyelashes. She wears an orange tank top with a purple cat on it, green shorts, and dark violet shoes.


Like most background characters, very little is known about her.

She tends to act much younger than the other kids in her class: in "Fun Dungeon Face Off," she play-wrestles with Crendle in the ball pit, and in "Clarence's Millions," she's seen casually picking her nose. However, she does seem to take her schoolwork seriously—in "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend," she can be seen carrying a huge stack of books.

Like most students, she enjoys taking part in Clarence's silly adventures, as seen in "Clarence's Millions" and "Honk."


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  • She has seven buddy stars in "Clarence's Millions."
  • She may have a crush on Percy, as she dances with him in "The Forgotten."


The gallery for Patsie can be found here.

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