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Episode Season 1
Episode 25
Written & Storyboarded by Mark Banker (Writer)
Skyler Page, Spencer Rothbell and Mark Banker (Story)
Stephen P. Neary and Niki Yang (Storyboard)
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[Elevator music plays]

[Indistinct talking]

Yea! I win!

[Clarence opens the door running]

Clarence: [Grunts] And the winner is Clarence! Whoo! Whoo! I won! I won!

Mary: Clarence, I said no racing.

Clarence: Oh, sure, you say that now. You're just a sore loser.

Mary: I've been saying it since I turned off the car.

[Mary and Clarence walk to the Nurse]

Clarence: Yeah, but you're saying it now.

Mary: Uh, Mary Wendle here to see Dr. Kimble. Oh, I-I have to leave by 4:00.

Clarence: She has to go back to work.

Nurse Tacker: Yes, Ms. Wendle. He'll be with you shortly.

Mary: Thanks.

Clarence: My mom hurts. Can you heal her with crystals?

Mary: Clarence, I'm fine. I'm just here for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I cut hair. It never stops. [Chuckles] Especially when you have a freeloading friend like Sandy. You know, you do something, you don't realize it's gonna affect you down the line.

[Clarence looks at the candy jar]

[The jar makes a face with candy]

Jar: Oh, Clarence. Oh, my sweet boy. I've been waiting for you. [Tink!]

[Clarence scraping]

Clarence: [Sighs]

Mary: Clarence.

Clarence: The candy... it needs me.

Mary: Yeah, sure it does. Okay, tell you what. You can have one piece.

[Nurse Tacker opens the jar]

Mary: When we leave, if you behave.

[Nurse Tacker closes the jar]


Clarence: [Whimpers]

Mary: Okay, come on, Clarence.

[Mary takes Clarence to a seat]

Clarence: Nooooo! [Whimpering]


[Tinia gets up from her seat and stays in a little chair for talking to Nurse Tacker]

Tinia: Nurse Tacker, can I have a piece of candy?

Nurse Tacker: What does your mother say?

Tinia's Mom: Whatever you want Tinia.

Nurse Takcer: Here you go, angel.

[Tinia grabs a candy]

[Ominous music playing]

Clarence: [Gasps]

Tinia: [Giggles] [Goes back to her seat]

Clarence: Mom, that Tinia girl got candy.

Mary: Yes, she did.

[Ominous music plays]

[Tinia has the candy on her mouth]

Clarence: [Grunts] I don't think that she is an angel at all.

Mary: Neither are you.

Clarence: [Grunts] [Thinking] Hmm, got to use a different technique. Slander isn't getting me anywhere. Mm... Ooh, I'll strike a bargain. Yes, mothers love bargains. [Not thinking anymore] Oh, mother, what if I were to have one piece now and then one later when we leave?

Mary: No.

Clarence: [Grunts] Say, mom, what if I were to trade you one potted plant for one --

Mary: No.

Clarence: [Grunts] Mom, did you know that --

Mary: No.

Clarence: [Shouting] [Punchs a table with a potted plant several times]

Mary: Clarence, you have to learn to entertain yourself while you're waiting for something. Can you do that?

Clarence: No.

Mary: What?

Clarence: Oh, uh, uh, probably.

Mary: Then do it.

Clarence: [Sighs] Worth a shot. [Grunts]

[Festive music playing]

[Clarence draws his body]

[Clarence watches a woman seeing dogs and cats pictures on her cellphone]

[Clarence plays with a baby game]

Having fun (3)

Clarence: What's the point of this thing?!

[Festive music continues]

[Clarence pretends he's a dinosaur]

Clarence: [Roars]

[Clarence eats a plant]

[Clarence plays with another baby game]

[Festive music ends]

Clarence: This is too easy! I need a real challenge.

Candy Jar: [Makes a face] Oh, Clarence. Oh, my sweet boy.

Clarence: [Gasps]

[Scatting "Mission Impossible" theme song]

[Clarence tries to get the candy jar]

Clarence: [Whispering] Doing good. Oh. Got to check the map. [Sees a map in his arm] Oh, yeah.

[Scatting "Mission Impossible" continues]

[Clarence tries to grab the jar, but Mary grabs him to take him back to the seats]

Mary: Come on, Clarence. [Grunts] You're getting too heavy for this!

Clarence: [Whimpering] [Falls to the floor]

[Mary sits down on her seat]

Clarence: [Whimpering] [Sighs] Are we gonna be here forever?

Mary: [Reading a book] It's only been five minutes.

Clarence: Really?

Mary: Really. Come on, back to the seat.

Clarence: [Grunting] [Sits down on his seat] [Singing] Peppermints, gumdrops, jawbreakers!

Mary: Quietly.

[Clarence jumps with his seat]

Mary: Without moving.

Clarence: But, mom!

Mary: If I hear one more word out of you, you are not getting any candy, all right?

Clarence: [Inhales deeply] [Not breathing]

Mary: You can breathe, Clarence.

Clarence: [Gasping] [Sighs] [Thinking] Okay, no noise, no moving. I can do that. Just need to sit here and think. Yeah, no problem. No problem at all. I can think, can't I? No, I can't! It's too hard! I-I got to say something! I got to do something! [Watches everybody in the waiting room] Help! Anybody, help! Stewart! Stewart! [His 2 eyes show the same shot of Stewart] Stewart, do something! No, no, look at me! Wait, wait, what's going on here? My brain is like a cave! Hellooo!

[The waiting room comes into a view]

Nobody even listens to me...

Clarence: [Thinking] Wow, I'm in a creepy cave inside my head. That's so cool. Wait a second. I'll just turn my cave into -- a beach! [Clarence's eyes show an ocean] Or -- or outer space! [Clarence's eyes show outer space] Whoo! Wait a second. Oh, man, I just got a sgreat idea! [Grunting] [Clarence's view turns into "Candy Brain]

♪ Candy Brain ♪

[Dramatic music playing]

[Clarence walks in his candy brain and finds gummy bears]

Clarence: Oh, hello, giant gummy friend. May I? [Eats a piece of a gummy bear] [Finds a gummy worm] Are you lost, gummy worm? Find your way into my mouth! [Eats the gummy worm] [Slurps] [Finds chocolate] Look! [Drinks chocolate] [Slurps] Oh, is this chocolate! I know we just met, candy brain, but I think I love you! Is that okay? I hope it's okay.

Ice Cream: It's okay by me. [Surfs in a chocolate ocean] [Grunts] [Stops surfing when he gets close to Clarence] Ugh! Water.

Clarence: [Gasps] Whoa, are you made of all ice cream?!

Ice Cream: I am the ice cream.

Clarence: Wait a second. I think I remember you! I was 6! You changed my life! [Hugs the Ice Cream] May I?

[Ice Cream pushes Clarence]

Ice Cream: Not now! I'm here to help you pass the time in here so you can get candy out there.

[Back in real life]

[Fly buzzing]

[The fly gets into Clarence's nose and gets out immediately]

[Back in Candy Brain]

Clarence: Really? How am I supposed to do that?

Ice Cream: By showing you how to melt, of course. [Sloop!] [Melts]

Clarence: Holy pie! That's amazing!


[Ice Cream turns back to his shape]

Clarence: There's no way I could do that.

Hornsby: Sure you can, pal!

Clarence: Hornsby?! Is that you?!

Hornsby: Who else would it be?!

Clarence: But how?

Hornsby: This is your brain, pal. If you can think it, it can happen.

Clarence: Okay, who do I want to meet? How about viking ghost grandma?

[Clarence's grandma appears]

Clarence: Grandma, there you are! You look beautiful! All right, fellas, I guess it's time to melt!


Everybody melts

[Clarence and his friends melt]

[Back in real life]

[Fly buzzing]

[Mary stops reading and wacthes Clarence, surprised he's quiet]

[Back in Candy Brain]


[Clarence and his friends's head appear on a small lake with a Clarence's skin coloured water]

Clarence: Sweet, I did it! Yes!

Ice Cream: Told ya!

Clarence: [Sighs] I could stay here forev-- [Peanut falls on him] Ow! [Peanuts keep falling on him] Hey, hey, who's throwing peanuts?!

Ice Cream: Not me. I'm the Ice Cream.

[Back in real life]

[Clarence realizes someone is throwing peanuts]

Clarence: What? Who --

[Tinia appears. She was behind a plant]

[Ominous music plays]

Clarence: [Grunting]

[Nurse Tacker open the door]

Nurse Tacker: Mary?

Clarence: [Grunts]

Mary: That's me. I'll be right back.

[When Mary gets up, Clarence takes her hand]

Clarence: What? No, don't! I'm -- I'm coming with you, I'm coming with you!

Clarence, do you wanna stay with me

Nurse Tacker: [Walks to Clarence] Clarence, will you stay here and keep me company, hmm?

Clarence: What do you mean keep you company? [Left Mary's hand] That's weird.

[Nurse Tacker walks back to Mary]

Mary: So, he will be able to see me before 4:00, right?

Nurse Tacker: Oh, of course. [Closes the door] He'll be right in.

[Tinia blows a gum in Clarence's face]


Clarence: Huh?! What?!

Tinia: So, you like candy, huh?

Clarence: Yeah. So?

Tinia: Then why don't you have any candy?

Clarence: I only get it when we leave, and I'm not supposed to talk, so don't talk to me!

Tinia: That's too bad. Hey, you want some of my candy?

Clarence: Really?!

Tinia's Mom: Tinia, is that boy bothering you?

Tinia: No, mother. He's behaving himself.

Tinia's Mom: Good.

Clarence: So, are you gonna give me that candy or what?

Tinia: Sure, I'll give you some.

Clarence: All right, give it.

[Tinia is about to give him candy, but stops herself]

Tinia: Except we might be here a while. I don't want to run out.

Clarence: You won't run out, you won't run out! I-I promise! Come on, just give me some!

Tinia: I don't know. There's a lot of people ahead of us.

[The waiting room comes into a view and you see some people there]

Clarence: Hmm, I can fix that! [Gets up but goes back to his seat immediately] [Grunts]

[Back in Candy Brain]

Clarence: All in favor, say yes.

Hornsby and Ice Cream: No!

[Horn blows]

Clarence: Viking horn wins!

[Back in real life]

[Clarence gets up and run to Nurse Tacker]

God, not again...

Clarence: [Grunting] [Stays in a little chair so he can see the nurse] Help, help, help, help, help!

Nurse Tacker: What is it?

Clarence: The toilet -- It's [Grunts] It's clogged!

Nurse Tacker: Again?! [Goes to the bathroom]

[Clarence steals her patients list and runs to an old man to listen to his heart]

Old Man: Oh, my!

[Heart beating loudly]

Clarence: Your ticker is a champion! Go out and enjoy your life, you silly, young man!

[Scene cuts to Clarence talking to an old woman in a wheelchair]

Clarence: My prescription is to eat lots of cereal and just go for a run once in a while.

[Scene cuts to Clarence again. He's behind the young woman using her cellphone]

[Clarence grabs her cellphone]

Clarence: If you turn this off right now, you'll live. [Grunts] [Throws the cellphone]

Young Woman: [Gasps]

[Clarence goes back to his seat]

Clarence: Whew, busy day! All right, I think I treated everyone here.

[The waiting room comes into a view and only the old man leaves]

Clarence: But it turns out they all want to see a real doctor. Except for that guy.

[Door opens]

Clarence: So, candy?

Tinia: Hmm... maybe, for one more favor.

[Scene cuts to Clarence reading a book for Tinia and Stewart]

Clarence: "So, whenever there's a breeze but before the bees can sneeze, Princess Pollen hands out tissues because the bees have allergies. [Shows a picture on the book] The end." All right?

Tinia: [Smiling] Could you sing it?

[Festive music plays shortly on a black screen saying "Later..."]

Clarence: ♪ Because the bees ♪ ♪ Have allergi-i-i-i-es! ♪ That music's not final.

Tinia: Again?

And that's the end!

[Festive music plays shortly on a black screen saying "Laterer..."]

Clarence: ♪ Allergi-i-i-es ♪

Tinia: Just one more thing.

[Clarence braiding Tinia's hair]

Clarence: [Grumbling] There!

Tinia: I love it! [Undos her hair]

Clarence: Please don't ask me to anything else.

[Tinia smiles]

[Clarence gives Tinia a piggyback ride]

Tinia: Whee!

Clarence: [Breathing heavily] [Sighs]

[Piggyback ride stops and Tinia gets up]

Clarence: Okay, are we good?

Tinia: Yes, we're good.

[Tinia stays on Clarence's back]

Clarence: Ow!

Tinia: Mom, can I have some more candy?

Tinia's Mom: That's nice, honey.

[Tinia grabs a chocolate bar and walks away]

Clarence: [Clears throat]

[Tinia gives Clarence her chocolate bar]

Clarence: Pleasure doing business with ya.

Tinia: I'm sorry.

Clarence: [Opening the chocolate bar] For what?

Tinia: I don't know why I do stuff like this. I just do.

Clarence: What do you mean stuff? Stuff like what?

Tinia: Mom, that boy took my candy!

Tinia's Mom: What?!

Clarence: No, no, that's not what happened! [Throws the chocolate bar near Tinia] That's not what happened at all!

Tinia's Mom: Zip it, mister!

I swear you'll never eat candy again!

[Thunder crashes]

Tinia's Mom: It's gonna be so long before you get candy again, you're gonna forget what it tastes like!

Nurse Tacker: [Distorted] Maybe that's enough candy for today! [Takes the candy jar away from Clarence]

Clarence: [Breathing heavily] [Jumps and takes the jar]

[Everybody in the waiting room is angry watching Clarence]

Tinia's Mom: [Grunting]

Nurse Tacker: You don't want to do this, son. Hand over the candy. [Knuckles crack]

Clarence: We can fix this! Candy fixes everything! [Grunts] [Throws candy for everyone]

[Scene cuts to Candy Brain]

[Thunder crashes]

Ice Cream: What are you doing, man?!

Clarence: [Digs a big hole] I don't know! [Grunting]

Hornsby: Then stop digging.

Clarence: I can't! I just can't!

[Scene cuts back to real life]

[Thunder crashes]

Clarence: But I definitely think chocolate is my favorite! [Chuckles nervously] Who's with me -- anybody?

[Nurse tacker tries to take the candy]

Clarence: Not the candy!

[Both grunting]

[Nurse tacker accidentaly throws the candy jar]

Nurse Tacker: Aah!

[The jar breaks and all the candy is out]

Clarence: [Distorted] No!

Tinia's Mom: [Distorted] [Gasps]

Tinia: [Distorted] [Gasps]

Oh no. That jar was too expensive

Nurse Tacker: [Distorted] [Whimpers]

[The young woman takes a picture with her cellphone]

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Mary opens the door]

Mary: All right, I'm sorry. I can't wait any longer. I have to get back to work! I'll call to reschedule! [Sighs] [Opens the exit door] Forget the candy, Clarence. Let's go. [Leaves the waiting room] [Sighs]

Clarence: Bye! [Breathing heavily] [Runs away] [Giggling] [Grabs a lot of candy, but then he touches a piece of glass]

[Engine sputtering]

[Clarence leaves]

[Scene cuts to Clarence and Mary going home in the car]

Mary: [Sighs] I can keep appointments. Why can't they?! Doctors [Sighs] They think they can keep the whole world waiting! Well, not this lady! Huh?! Ah [Sighs] Sorry you had to sit there for nothing, honey.

Clarence: [Eating ice cream, slurping] Anytime, mama! Right, guys?

[Back to Candy Brain]

All: Right!

Yeah! We've got ice cream!

Clarence: Right!

Mary: Who are you talking to?

Clarence: Uh, nobody!

[The Ice Cream's head appears on a black screen saying "The End"]

Ice Cream: I am the [Distorted] ice cream.

The End

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