Mr. Noles is a minor character in Clarence. He is the father of Belson Noles and the husband of Cynthia Noles. He first appeared in "Company Man".


He appears as a large, muscular man, who has apricot skin, wears a top suit with a tie, and wears a red gym shorts. He has the same hairstyle as Belson, except it's shorter, his face was never seen onscreen.


There's a little known about him, since his wife, Cynthia explained in "Belson's Sleepover", that he always working and never was around to spent time with his son, Belson, who occasionally mentions him, however in his first appearance, he appeared to be more violent and aggressive to Clarence (Who mistakenly refer him as his son, Belson). He was later arrested by the NDP for business fraud and money laundering.



  • Belson - As much as his son, who mentioned about him since "Honk", and it implies "Belson's Sleepover", he always moving around as working all the time that he had spent time with Belson or nevertheless did he had seen him since, as stated in "Company Man"
  • Cynthia - The wife of his, who he married of, and there's not much known about their current relationship, and she hasn't seen him since she said that he usually not around with either her or Belson.


  • With Mr. Noles's office being shut down because of that, it is unknown if this affected Belson and Cynthia's wealth.
    • However in Big Game, he was later released out of jail.
  • Despite of the fact that his face was never seen onscreen is mainly similar to Sara Bellum from a 1998 Cartoon Network show, The Powerpuff Girls, whose face were never seen onscreen until its 2008/2009 series finale.
    • Also, in a Nickelodeon show, The Loud House, the parents(Rita and Lynn Sr) have never revealed their faces until the first season 2 episode "11 Loud's a Leapin".
    • This is also similar to Mom and Dad from the 1997 Cartoon Network show, Cow & Chicken.

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