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Episode Season 1
Episode 3
Written & Storyboarded by Skyler Page and Patrick Harpin (Writer)
Skyler Page (Storyboard)
Chronology Previous: Pretty Great Day with a Girl
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[Episode begins with Jeff, Sumo, and Clarence walking through the woods with Clarence holding a stick while Sumo is crawling and sniffing on the ground then stops and gasps.]

Sumo: [stands up and blocks Jeff and Clarence's path.] Our path is blocked!

Clarence: [approaches a tumbleweed] Stand back Sumo-wise. Leave this one to the wizard. Lo siento mi amor-o! [Whacks the tumbleweed with the stick several times and slows down and stops] That one was just a scout! The other bushes will be looking for him.

Jeff: Why did we have to walk through the woods? There's a sidewalk. [Looks at side while cars are driving]

Clarence: Fool of an elf! [Winks while moving his other eye left and right] That's exactly what eyeball would expect us to do. Our path may be treacherous, but the Pizza Swamp is [Moves arm quickly upward] worth it!

Jeff: Okay. [Pretends shooting a bow and arrow twice]

[Shout in distance]

[Kids finally find Pizza Swamp]

Clarence: Here it is -- The dreaded Pizza Swamp, [Pizza Swamp arcade comes into view] the most dangerous part of our journey!


[The gang goes into Pizza Swamp]

Clarence: Whoa! [Kids are seen running and playing] Look at all these games! Free for the playing.

[Many games are shown on-screen. One game says and repeats "Insert Coin!"]

Clarence: Let's go pick out our prizes!

Jeff: [Laughs]

[Clarence and Sumo go pick out their prizes]

Jeff: Wait. Really? Clarence, if you pick out your prizes now, you're setting yourself up for dissapoi -- [spots a lazer pointer] Oh, my gosh! they have a lazer pointer? That is actually really cool!

Clarence: Man, I want that disco ball!


Jeff: Really?

[Belson plays a dinosaur shooting game. Dinosaurs are screaming]

Belson: Yeah, it's super-easy. All you have to do is shoot 'em in the mouth. It's not even hard.

[Dinosaur comes out of refrigerator and screams]

Game voice: Game over. Continue?

Belson: What!? Man, these games are so glitchy [Gives a $20 bill to Percy, who takes it to a token machine] [Spots Clarence and his friends] Oh, great. Look. Here comes the dork parade.

Clarence: Oh, hey, Belson. How's it going, buddy?

Belson: [Scoffs] Whatever.

[Percy inserts 20 dollar bill on heres a lot of coins, grabs lots of coins, runs and chuckles]

Sumo: Are we gonna play for tickets or can we play the fun games?

Clarence: Oh, sumo. All games will be played and prizes won because I got a fresh %20 dollar bill right in my back pocket.

[Sumo and Jeff's lip opens.]

Clarence: Right... around... here. [Clarence grunts, his hand go to his pocket, and it's empty] Guys, don't get mad, but I left my money at home.

Jeff and Sumo: Aw, Clarence.

Clarence: Oh. Wait a minute. I forgot about my wizard dollar in my wizard shoe. [Takes off his shoe and pulls out a $1 dollar bill] Gotcha! [Clarence inserts the $1 dollar bill and gets 4 coins] Okay, one for the elfling. [Gives a coin to Jeff]  One for the gnome. [Gives a coin to Sumo] And one for the wizard. [Hands flips around up] And... I guess we don't need this one. [Throws a coin]

Jeff: [Gasps.] Clarence, no!

[Kids screaming and giggling to get a coin.]

Sumo: Well, if we only get one game, I'm gonna make it count.

Clarence: That's the right spirit. I hereby command that, even though we only have one token each, we will have the greatest day in all of the pizza swamp!

Belson: [Chortling] Yeah. Oh, sorry. Yeah, no, I'm sure you will. [Laughs]

Belson Laughing

Clarence: Okay, guys, let's split up.


Jeff: No, no, Clarence. No.


[Clarence and Sumo run away]

Jeff: Ow. Okay, okay. There's got to be a game here that I can get to pay out with just one token.

[Memo watches Emilio play a game called "Plumb Crazy"]

Plumb Crazy Arcade: Plumb harder! [Toilet flushes] You're not very good at this.

Jeff: No.

[Boy plays a game called "Big Betty"]

Unnamed's Mother: Go on, sweetheart. Feed Big Betty.

Unnamed boy with green shirt: No!

Jeff: Mm...

[Music plays]

Money Broom Arcade: [Distorted] Money Broom.

Jeff: That one might actually work. If I could get the coin to land on just the right spot, just... right...


Clarence: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe. Where it stop, nobody knows.

[Clarence puts the coin on the Money Broom. He fails]

Money Broom Arcade: [Distorted] Money Broom.

Clarence: Well, that was kind of fun.

Jeff: Wh-- Cl-- Clarence, no! You can't just play "Money Broom." You have to know how to beat the system.

Clarence: It's okay. It was worth it.

Jeff: No. I'll win it back. I'll win them all back.

[Dramatic music plays]

Clarence: Okay. I'm gonna go eat that pizza crust. [Runs away to the pizza crust]

[Bloop! Bloop! Bloop! Bloop! Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!]

Clarence: [Eats pizza crust] Mmm. Savory.

[Clarence walks until he finds a table with some food left from a birthday]



[Clarence eats some chocolate cake]

[Clarence sees a birthday hat and gasps]

Clarence: [High-pitched] Wizard hat. [Puts on the birthday hat] Ploop.

[Scene cuts to Sumo looking up for a game to play. He stops and watchs a preview of a game about Keith Mack called "Iron Tiger"]

Keith Mack: Hey, this is Keith Mack, bass player for Iron Tiger. If you're watching this, our band's already been kidnapped. You're the only one who can save us!

Sumo: [Gasps]

Iron Tiger Arcade: Insert coin. Insert coin. Insert coin. Insert coin.

[Sumo goes away]

[Scene cuts to Clarence running and having fun on the arcade]

[Clarence runs]

Clarence: [Laughing]

[Clarence pretends to be playing a dance game without paying]

Clarence: [Humming]

[Crendle watches Clarence]

[Clarence pretends to be playing a race game withouth paying]

Clarence: [Imitating car noises] Out of my way! [Imitates explosion] Oh, crashing! [Runs around some games] [Panting] Come on! Come on, everybody! Who's gonna catch me? [Panting] [Approaches Try seeing a claw machine] What one are you looking at?

Try: I want that finger trap, but the claw keeps dropping it.

Clarence: That claw always does that. It just always drops it. Sometimes, you just got to use your own hands. Why don't you just reach in there and grab it?


[Try tries to grab the finger trap using his hands, but he can't because his hands are too big]

Try: My hands are too big.

Clarence: Here. Let my try.

[Clarence puts his hands on the claw machine and grabs the finger trap]

[Stre-e-e-tch! Snap!]

[Clarence puts his hands off the claw machine and gives the finger trap to Try]

Try: Thanks, Clarence.

Clarence: Don't worry about it. Just your friendly neighborhood wizard.


[Whimsical music plays]

[Clarence runs away doing strange sounds with his feet]

[Scene cuts to Sumo walking in the halls, searching for a game to play]

Arcade 1: Help us! We're trapped!

Sumo: Huh?

Arcade 2: Feed me! I'm hungry!

Arcade 3: Hey, you! You're the next big winner!

Sumo: [Gasps]

[Game beeping, voices distort]

[Sumo approaches a game at the end of the hall which has a really big machine]



Sumo: Aah. Ahhh.


[Sumo inserts his coin]

[The game gives Sumo the real-life stuff for that game]


Sumo: Wha--


Game: [Japanese accent] Ready. Set... Go!

[Dance music playing]

Game: Faster. Faster!

[Scene cuts to the "Asian Boy" playing whack the seal]

Asian Boy: [Grunts] Dang it! [Grunts] Dang it! [Grunts] Dang it! Dang it!

Game: Great job, clubber. Collect your blubber.


[One ticket comes from the game]

Asian Boy: Dang it! [Grabs another coin]

Clarence: Hey, you want to know a trick? Just use your hands.

Asian Boy: Really? [Inserts coin]


Clarence: Ready?

Asian Boy: Mm-hmm.

[Clarence and the Asian Boy start hitting the seals that come from the machine]


[Seal barks]

[Seal barks]

[Seal barks twice]

Asian Boy: Whoa.

[Seal barks twice]

[Seal barks twice]

[Seal barks]

[Seal barks]

[Clarence couldn't hit one of the seals, so he grabs it]

Clarence: Oh, no, you don't! [Hits the seal several times]

[Seal barking rapidly]


[A lot of tickets come from the machine]

[Motor sputters]

[Distorted seal bark]

[Crack, sizzle]

Clarence: That'll teach him.

Asian Boy: [Grabs the tickets] Thank you. [Realizes Clarence is gone]

[Whimsical music plays]

[Scene cuts to Belson and his team preparing to play lazer tag]

Belson: [Grunts] You're gonna find out why my friends call me "The Laser Ghost."

Nathan: We don't call you that.

Clarence: Oh, cool. Can I play with you guys?

Belson: [Scoffs] Yeah, if you want to get blasted by the laser ghost.

Clarence: Ooh. yes, please.

Dustin: It costs 8 bucks.

Clarence: Oh. I don't have that many dollars.

Belson: [Scoffs] Sucks to be you. Come on. Let's go.

[Belson and his team enter laser tag]

Clarence: Oh, all right, then. I'll just... eat some more pizza crusts.

[Clarence goes to the birthday table and eats pizza crusts]

[Whimsical music plays]


Clarence: Savory. Actually, that's not bad. [Keeps eating pizza crusts]

[Munch! Munch! Munch!]

[Clarence drinks soda pop]

[Glug! Glug! Glug! Glug!]

[Clarence falls to the floor]


[Scene cuts to Jeff studying the Money Broom arcade]

[Some numbers are shown in the screen]

Jeff: [Thinking] Okay, hmm. Got to crack this code. Carry the 2. Oh, watch the 1.

[Numbers dissapear]

Jeff: I got it! [Gasps. Hides behind another game, waiting for someone else to play first]

[Crendle walks ignoring the Money Broom game]

Jeff: Come on.

Jeff waiting to make his move

[Guyler walks ignoring the Money Broom game]

Jeff: [Groans] Dang it! Just one more play.

[Chelsea is about to play Money Broom, but she changes her mind and walks away]

Jeff: Dang it.

[Anyway, Chelsea stops and plays Money Broom one time, and loses]

Jeff: Yes. Come on, baby.

[Music plays]

Money Broom Arcade: [Distorted] Money Broom.

[Chelsea walks away]

Jeff: Yes. That's the eight person. So, if it puts out every nine times, that means that the next quarter's got to be a winner!

[Chelsea stops]


[Chelsea grabs a coin she founds in the floor]

[Before Jeff can put his coin in the game, Chelsea pushes him with her hair]


Jeff: [Groans]

[Chelsea puts her coin in the game and wins a lot of tickets]

Money Broom Arcade: Winner, winner, winner!

Chelsea: [Squeals]

Jeff: Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, n-o-o-o!

[Scene cuts to Clarence trying to help Guyler in a bowling game]

[Clarence hits the glass above the balls for the game]

Clarence: See, the trick with this one is, you just got to use your wizard... hand. Hmm. Wizard hands don't work on this one. [Looks everywhere] Hmm. Ah. Wizard basketball! [Grabs a ball from a basketball game] [Grunts] [Gets back to the game Guyler was trying to play] Daddy needs a new disco ball. [Kisses the ball] [Grunts] [Throws the ball and hits the game]


[Scene cuts to Sumo playing, and the glasses kid watches him]

[Dance music plays]

[The ball hits the glasses kid]

Glasses Kid: Ow!

[Scene cuts to Jeff counting the coins on the Money Broom]

Jeff: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21...

Capture 04222014 160119

[The ball hits the Money Broom]

Jeff: Unh!

[Jeff falls]

Jeff: Oh?

[A lot of tickets come from the game]

Money Broom Arcade: Winner, winner, winner!

Jeff: I did it! I beat the house!

Clarence: [Panting] Jeff, we're rich! We're rich! [Grabs some tickets] We can have anything that we want!

[Scene cuts to Clarence and Jeff on the prizes section]

Clarence: Disco ball, please.

[The Prizes girl gives Clarence a disco ball]

Jeff: I'll have the laser pointer.

[The Prizes girl gives Jeff a laser pointer]

Clarence: Finally, finger disco. [Turns on the disco ball and pretends his fingers are dancing] [Vocalizing]

[Jeff turns on his laser pointer, but he can't see it because it's too bright there]

Clarence: How's your laser?

Jeff: It -- it's too bright in here. You can't really see it.

Clarence: Well, let's try in there, where it's dark. [Clarence points the entrance of Laser Tag]

Jeff: Okay.

[Clarence and Jeff enter Laser Tag]

Jeff: [Turns on the laser pointer] Oh, yeah. This works great in the dark.

Clarence: Whoa! Look at this place! It's -- it's so beautiful!

[Belson shoots Percy with his laser gun]

Percy: No! I'm already dead! Ow!

Belson: [Chuckles evilly] [Notices Clarence and Jeff] Hey! Hey, how did those guys get in here? Hey, get out of here! You don't even have vests on!

Clarence: Hey, Belson. Look what I got.

[While Jeff is pointing the laser pointer nowhere, Clarence hands up with his disco ball and a lot of lasers come from the ball, which just hit everyone in there]

Percy: Aaaaaah!

Dustin: Aah-gl-gl-gl!

Nathan: [Gasps] [Falls off the stairs] Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!

Belson: No. No! N-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!

Screenshot (414)

Clarence: Wizard ball.

Unseen Man: [Echoing] Congratulations, space cadet. I'm promoting you to cosmic commander.

[A picture of Clarence with the disco ball full of lasers is shown in one of the game's screens]

Clarence: Oh, cool. That's me.

Belson: What?! They're not even playing!

[Scene cuts to Clarence and Jeff walking in the arcade, Clarence hits his "cosmic commander" thing in his shirt with the disco ball"]


Clarence: I think this thing is real silver.

[Scene cuts to Dustin, Nathan, and Belson eating pizza. Belson is mad]

Nathan: Nice job, "Laser Ghost."

Dustin: [Laughs]

Belson: Shut up.

Nathan: What? I though you liked being called that.

Dustin: [Laughs]

Belson: [Groans]

[Scene cuts back to Clarence and Jeff. Both stop]

Jeff: I have to say, I'm pretty surprised we got this far with just one dollar.

Clarence: Unh-unh-unh. Not just any dollar. It was a wizard dollar.

Jeff: Whatever.

[Whimsical music plays]

Clarence: Come along, Sumo-wise. Our work here is done.

Sumo: [Dressed as the game he played] Yes, master Clarence.

[Electricity crackling]

[Jeff and Sumo leave, Clarence wait for them]

Clarence: Bye, Pizza Swamp.

[A full view of the Pizza Swamp inside is seen]

Clarence: [Smooches, blows] [Leaves the arcade]


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