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News Reporter: It's looking mid-80s through the afternoon with (Blah blah blah)

(Clarence yawns)

Mary: Something wrong honey?

Clarence: Oh, no, it's nothing. It's just...

News Reporter: All-in-all, another sunny scorcher for the holiday season. But looking at this low pressure zone right here, we might get some snow this evening. Hehe.

Clarence: (eyes widen) Snow?! Oh my gosh, I knew it!

(Clarence runs to the closet)

Mary: Clarence, he was just joking!

News Reporter: Hehehe... probably shouldn't even mention it.

(Clarence grabs all the sweaters and jackets)

Clarence: Gonna grab, everything... hurry hurry hurry!

(Clarence calls Sumo to tell him about the snow)

Clarence: C'mon, c'mon, pick up the phone!

(Sumo picks up the phone)

Sumo: Hello?

Clarence: It's gonna snow, I repeat snow is on the way!

(Clarence hangs up, leaving Sumo dumbfounded)

Sumo: What? Snow? Hello?

(Clarence calls Jeff next and Jeff picks the phone up)

Jeff: Randell Residence, Jeff speaking.

Clarence: Code white, we have a code white!

(Clarence hangs up)

Clarence: Oh jeez, I better call Belson too!

(Clarence calls Belson next)

Belson's mother: Honey! Can you get that?

Belson: You heard her, if you lose you will have to pick up the phone.

Gary: Yeah, whatever.

Game: You lose.

(Belson snatches the controller from Gary)

Belson: Go get it, Mooch.

Gary: I'm not doing anything you tell me.

(Gary walks by Belson's controller system and switches its off with his foot while turning)

Belson: Oh, c'mon! Why would you- grr...

(Gary picks up)

Clarence: Belson?! Hello?

(Gary only breathes into the phone)

Clarence: Belson! Come in Belson! You gotta get your house ready for snow! Put on all your clothes, and some underwear. stay warm-

(Gary hangs up)

Belson: Who was that?

(Gary pushes Belson and snatches the controller from him)

Clarence: (still on the phone) Belson? Are you there?!