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Melvin "Mel" Sumouski is a minor character in Clarence who makes his first appearance in "Dinner Party". He is the father of Sumo and his 11 siblings. Most of these siblings go unnamed apart from Tanner, Joseph, his one daughter Brandi and of course Ryan. He is also the husband of Tinona Sumouski, Sumo's mother.


Mel looks like an older version of his son, Sumo (although more like Tanner and Joseph). He is a tall, slim man with a brown mullet, a thick handlebar mustache, receding hairline and a thick black unibrow. Mel wears a black t-shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. He also has a skull tattoo on his left arm.


Mel Sumouski is a rough man with a tougher personality. He loves dogs and he hates cats. He's smart and sly, seen partaking in various scams throughout the series. Example of these are when he threatens to sue Breehn's parents to weasel everyone out of trouble at the end of 'Dinner Party', and his attempt to run an exterminating business with Chad in 'Nothing Ventured' with zero experience. He is a strict father figure to his children, disciplining them when necessary, but cares for his family at the end of the day.


  • Sumo - Sumo is one of Mel's younger children. He's seen as a strict, standoffish parent towards Sumo, but supportive of his son and his aspirations as seen in 'Dream Boat'. He presumably takes Sumo fishing every once and a while. He's seen referring to him as his nickname 'Sumo', rather than his birth name 'Ryan' on various occasions.
  • Tanner & Joseph - Tanner and Joseph, being his eldest sons, share similar interests with their father and share conversations over the dinner table with him.
  • Tinona - Mel is rarely seen interacting with his wife. She is seen carrying out all the major chores of the household and caring for their children.
  • Chad - Chad is Mel's good friend. They often sit out in front of Mel's shed and hang out with one another. The two formed a brief band in 'Nothing Ventured', which disbanded once Mel broke his guitar after getting frustrated. In the same episode, the two attempted to begin multiple businesses with one another, all failing. Mel has also taken Chad and Clarence fishing in the episode 'Fishing Trip'.
  • Clarence - Clarence is a friend of Sumo, and Mel knows that Clarence is a good influence on Clarence despite his childish behavior. He never is seen disrespecting Clarence and is always acting friendly towards him.


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