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Mary Wendle is a supporting character in Clarence. She is Clarence's mother.


Mary is the daughter of Seymour and Dilliss Wendle. She is a single mother raising Clarence with the help of her live-in boyfriend, Chad. Mary speaks with a Jersey-ish inflection and is mostly a down-to-earth family member. Throughout Clarence's adventures, Mary keeps a cheerful, fun attitude all the while keeping him in check. She works at a hair salon called Hip Clips.


Mary is well-rounded portrayal of a lower-middle-class single mother. She's patient and loving to her high-energy son, Clarence, but also crafty enough to get him to help with chores (by making it into a game). Her rare combination of patience, stamina, humor, and unconditional support makes her the perfect parent for Clarence.

Mary is also sensitive to saving money and uses coupons when grocery shopping; she also buys healthy foods such as organic fruits and skim milk, as seen in "Lost in the Supermarket".


Mary is a curvy woman with pink skin and blonde hair. She wears a pale yellow t-shirt and tight pink pants with dark brown boots. She also wears red lipstick.


  • In "Hurricane Dilliss", it's revealed that Mary has a tattoo. It is unknown where the tattoo is, though.
  • Based on Chad's words from "Hurricane Dilliss", Mary has been seeing a therapist for some time.

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