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Malakevin is a minor character in Clarence. He was first seen in "Dollar Hunt."


Malakevin is a stout kid with pale skin, black eyebrows, a round face, and a long pointy nose. He bares somewhat of a resemblance to Ms. Shoop. He also has messy, dark grey, shoulder-length hair.

He wears a grey t-shirt underneath dark blue overalls, as well as dark blue shoes.


Malakevin has a dark and sinister personality and shouts out nonsense gibberish such as "Andrew Jackson was a cannibal, look it up" or "The drones are coming!" These phrases seem to be tied to various conspiracy beliefs or dystopian fiction references. He seems to be a bully as he destroyed a piece of the house, a glass frog Blaide liked, tried to steal Sumo's leaf-blower, and stole and ate the $20 dollar bill Clarence needed for his groceries. He also portrays himself to be rather psychotic as after he destroys the dollar, he rolls off the shed and causes some off-screen pandemonium.

Episode Appearances[]


  • His name may be a reference to the Malkavian, a vampire clan from the White Wolf roleplaying series, who value their insanity as strength.
  • He has at least one detention, as of "Animal Day".
  • According to Mike Toole, who was friends with Skyler Page, Malakevin was inspired from a prank he pulled on Page back when they were in CalArts[1].
  • It is slightly possible that Malakevin developed a disease from eating the $20 dollar bill in "Dollar Hunt".


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