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  • During the premiere of the episode, several TV listings mistook it for a new episode of LEGO Nexo Knights.
  • This is second time that Ms. Shoop's Major role, first being Lil' Buddy.

Cultural References[]

  • At the beginning of finding the scrapyard there is a reference to the pied piper.

Character Connection[]

  • This episode reveals Dustin has a secret relationship with Rita.
  • This episode also reveals Mr. Resse has been in Secretly in love with Ms. Baker since childhood.
    • Which explains the reason why he was trying to propose to her in "Honk", despite of Ms. Baker having no interest into dating or marrying him.
    • It is quite odd, as he seems quite a bit older than her as Ms. Baker is about 32, while Mr. Reese could look like that he could be in his 40's.

Episode Notes[]

  • When the episode aired in the Phillipines, the part where kids were pouring juice from the juice box on the ground and where Clarence told the crowd about Dustin and Rita relationships have been edited out.
  • When the episode aired on Asia, the part where Sumo spits water in the slide was cut out.
  • This episode was completely banned from airing in Turkey, which is the only episode that has never aired there.