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Lilith Pearson is Tinia Pearson's mother and a minor character in the series Clarence.


Lilith is primarily a background character. Her most notable role was in the episode Patients where she was one of the patients in the waiting room. Lilith is shown to have a daughter, Tinia, a devious little girl who taunts and blackmails Clarence. Lilith seems completely disinterested in her daughter and mostly oblivious to her schemes. Lilith also has her baby son.

Lilith appears in Money Broom Wizard where it is implied that she may also have an older son as well. Because she does not have a consistent voice it is unknown whether or not she is the same character as it is common practice in animation to reuse character designs.


Lilith is a young woman with apricot skin, orange hair. Her attire is a purple dress with a blue collared shirt underneath and blue heeled shoes.


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The gallery for Lilith Pearson can be found here.


  • Lilith has no consistent voice actor and therefore sounds different in most of her appearances.
  • She is named after Lilith Sternin Crane from Cheers.

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