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Lil' Buddy
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Episode Season 1
Episode 41
Written & Storyboarded by Spencer Rothbell (Writer)
Skyler Page, Spencer Rothbell and Katie Crown (Story)
Niki Yang and Stephen P. Neary (Storyboard)
Chronology Previous: Hairence
Next: Chalmers Santiago

[This episode starts cold opening with the advertisement of Lil' Buddy which is played by Clarence on the TV Video]

Sponsor: From Forple.

Clarence: [turns off the TV] Wasn't that so sweet? [says joyously]

[All the students stare without answering his questions while Kimby rubs her hair.]

Clarence: [arranging the messed tape] Also, [reveals the Lil' Buddy] here's my Lil' Buddy.

[All Clarence's students have nothing to say and Kimby rubs her hair again.]

Clarence: [hugging his Lil' Buddy]

Ms. Baker: Okay.

[Cut to theme song]

[Ms. Shoop swings the whistle while Julien runs to Dustin around.]

[Cuts to Ashley talking with Amy]

Ashley: Like we watch to the mall?

Clarence: Hey, did you guys meet my Lil' Buddy yet? His name is Little Buddy did you know pet his hair?

Ashley: That's.. ok.

Clarence: Ok but he's really soft.

Amy: We gotta go... swing. [She goes to the swing with Ashley]

Clarence: [rubbing his Lil' Buddy's hair]

[Cuts to Sumo popping mud bubbles with his stick, making him look badly drawn]

Clarence: Hey Sumo!

Sumo: [Turns to normal]

Clarence: [putting Lil' Buddy inside his shirt] Feel my baby, he's kicking in my tummy. Come on, Sumo! Look, dance with them like dances the Little Buddy, come on! [kisses to Lil' Buddy]

Sumo: Uh, Clarence, I'm doing something. [Clarence leaves and he looks messy again by popping mud bubbles]

[Clarence looks everywhere and he stares crazily to Reed]

Clarence: [points to Reed] Reed! Ree-ree-ree-ree-reed! Reed! [Reese looks scared] Look, hold my Lil' Buddy's hand with me [Reed touches Lil' Buddy hand with fear] Hold his hand, come on, look we're married.

Reed: Hence, no, hence, no. [walks reversely with fear and he falls in the sandbox and he cries a loud]

Clarence: [shocks] It's okay, shhhh! It's okay, it's okay, it's okay! [it reveals Ms. Shoop's shadow that she caught Clarence on what he's doing to Reed]

Clarence: (squishing his shirt) I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Ms. Shoop: Sorry doesn't cut it! I'm giving you time-out for 5 minutes!

Clarence: But I didn't!

Ms. Shoop: I'll get you 5 more!

Clarence: [sucks his mouth and eyes]

Ms. Shoop: Gabbie! [blows the whistle] Get out of your mouth!

Clarence: [sits down with his Lil' Buddy] No talking! [says madly]

[He looks to other classmates playing at the playground.]

[Cuts to clock]

Clarence: Uh [nervously] [future process happens]

Clarence: [nervously] I'm pretty it's sure for 5 minutes, it feels like 5 minutes!! 

[Future process happens the playground with the weather, construction, building, dozier the playground, constructing a prison, the red police robot and the ape prisoners are fighting with laser blast, the tank war, the volcano eruption with lava, the jungle with T-rex, dinosaur dies with skeleton, spaceship with Abraham Lincoln lands with the flag of United States]

Clarence: [nervously] If I was say something, I'll get 5 more minutes! [Nightmares with Ms. Shoop to skeleton in process]

Ms. Shoop: [turns to skeleton] Clarence!

Clarence: [scares like a nightmare]

Ms. Shoop: Your 5 minutes was up 5 minutes ago, why didn't you say something? Hurry up and go playing before the bell rings.

[Clarence leaves and play but it's too late and the bell rings and students go back to class by running through]

Ms. Shoop: Oh, ah, [Clarence feel sad] Oh, That's the way the cookie crumbles! Um, get back to class! [she going inside the school]

[Everyone is at the class except for Clarence]

[Cuts to Science Laboratory]

Ms. Baker: Okay, test your goop, huh? See if you can roll it in a ball. Slap it! Don't get afraid of getting messy...

Dustin: Belson, can I see it? I just, I just wanna eat it. [Percy almost touch the goop but Belson pushes the Percy's hand]

Sumo: [pounding the goop] Hahaha! All right, gums, squishy!

Jeff: [laughs quietly] [taking down his notes] Squishy.

Sumo: Right gum, hey! [fist bump to Clarence's arm] Hey, ain't you gonna play with it? Hey Clarence, 

Jeff: A-Are you okay?

Sumo: This is about missing recess. [holding the back to calm] It's okay man. [Clarence release the Sumo's hand] Huh, oh lo-look! [grabbing the Jeff's clipboard note and he hitting with his head] Who cares?! I don't care about anything! [Clarence pushes the measuring cup of goop and it licks]

[Cuts to Clarence's house with raining with thunderstorms]

[Silhouette of Clarence at the window vows revenge with his Lil' Buddy that he didn't play with his Lil' Buddy]

Clarence: [Acting like Ms. Shoop while punching Lil' Buddy] Why didn't you say something? [punches that acts a vow revenge] Um, maybe because I wasn't allowed to... [punches with vows revenge again] [commits vow revenge again] This is, this is wanna people to play with! [thunderstorms and the lights off with the Lil' Buddy] [walks slowly] [Raging whispers] You!!! Sorry Buddy, this is how the cookie crumbles!! [tosses his Lil' Buddy] [he rages like a vow revenge and shocks that Lil' Buddy's right arm is broken and he drops]

(Cuts to outside where Clarence drives to Bendle Park with his scooter before he buries the Lil' Buddy and Ms. Baker fix the wheel at her car by changing the tires while her boyfriend waits inside her car, Clarence drives and accidentally wet to Ms. Baker)

Ms. Baker: (Mumbles, then gasps and glares to Clarence) Clarence?

[Cuts to Bendle Park]

Clarence: [drops his scooter and walks through the bury] [digging with his helmet, thunderstorms, and buries with his bare hands while the silhouettes of Wilt and Greg walks through from "Over The Garden Wall" and he buries the Lil' Buddy] [gasps] [closing the soil with his hands instead of shovel, the remaining Clarence's backpack was the Lil' Buddy's right arm] [covering the dirt in his face and his shirt and raging screams like "Hulk" with thunderstorms]

[Cuts inside Mary's car where Clarence gone mad at it.]

Mary: Hey, Clarence! [holding her Popsicle stick] Hey, uh, w-what did the fisherman say to the magician? Pick a cod, any cod! [laughs] Pick a cod, C.O.D like a fish, no? Like a fish! [laughs until she stops]

[The progression of an Clarence's emo starts the song with "I Miss My Little Buddy"]

Song: I used to be the king of the classroom, now I'm just a fool. I used to be respected, now I have rejected the school. I used to run this rabble, now they all run around me. I used to be the president of the playground, now I'm under arousing. Life has lost it's color, darkness surrounds me [Feeling cruddy, I miss my Little Buddy]. Fell like I've lost a brother, and nobody has found me another to love [Nobody loves me]. Now everything seems so ugly [So ugly]. I'm feeling cruddy, I miss my Little Buddy now! Weird stuff is going on! I've said it, Weird stuff is going on around me! I've said it, Weird stuff is going on!!! I don't even recognize myself! [Music starts fading away while Clarence enters in the detention, sitting at his table]

[Clarence opens the table desk and he gets the one paper to write the name "Lil' Buddy" in many times]

Belson: Psst! Hey, psst! You what happened to you? You got, but cool, yeah I mean it you like the new tough guy in school is like totally dead inside!

Mr. Reese: [reading Crab book] Uh-huh, I heard that, and neither of you are cool. Acting up is not the cool guy thing that is not it kids now that's school, it's called respect, it's called discipline. [continues reading and he chuckles]

Belson: Seriously, when you did that thing with that, it was top a notch! Hey, how would like a team-up, huh?

Clarence: [ignores by wearing a headset and covers with hood]

Belson: I got it, silent treatment, huh? Got an earn his respect first. Classic, bro.

[Clarence is writing the name "Little Buddy" over and over on it.]

[Cuts to School Playground]

Ms. Shoop: [demands to Percy] Don't, don't too wild! Ah, ah, ah, ah, not too fast!

Vu: Ms. Shoop! Ms. Shoop! Remember that one kid, the weird one, he used to be nice, but he's weird now the one with that who cuts his hair, he actually his trying too! He was just a bunch of kids! And then he, he is said, uh, just come and see!

[All the students watch what's happening. When Vu says and Ms. Shoop arrive, Clarence is dressed in a "Lil Buddy" costume and threatens Jeff by holding the Lil' Buddy's right hand which is hold the right arm by Clarence]

Clarence: [threatens to Jeff] Come on, Jeff! [repeatedly] Hold my Lil' Buddy's hand with my hands.

Jeff: No, no, no, no, no, no, Clarence, stop! No, stop!, please stop! Get that away from me! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Ms. Shoop: [she is about to grab the whistle] What the? Goody, what the heck is this?

Clarence: [monstrous voice and points to Ms. Shoop] You! You blow that whistle and you're making a big mistake!

Ms. Shoop: Duh! [grunts] [she is about to blow the whistle]

Clarence: Don't you! [He notices Belson has pantesd him.]

Belson: (acting cool) WHAZZUP?! [Everyone laughs.] Guess you saved the last pants!

Clarence: [Enraged at him for pulling the pants off, he attacks Belson by punching on his face, bruising his nose.]

[Everyone is shocked but others are having a round of applause]

Dustin: Woohoo! [accidentally pushed by Clarence and his front teeth broken]

Clarence: Don't condone violence! [walks through. He is then seen in the Janitor's Room with "No Cool Off Zone" sign. Jeff and Sumo are watching Clarence.]

Sumo:[coldly, but sadly] I heard he's gonna get expelled.

Jeff:[worried] I heard them putting in a stop pillory where everyone will throw tomatoes at him.

Vu:[also worried] I heard a Mrs. Baker has a special punishment.

Belson: I heard...

Ms. Shoop: [sweeps away the students and claps] Go back to class! [opens the door] Your special punishment is ready. [she heads to Principal's office where Clarence sits. The Principal's chair spins, revealing Ms. Baker

Ms. Baker: Hi, Clarence.

Clarence: [normal voice] Ms. Baker!

Ms. Baker: Oh, uh, the principal's gone to an, uh, all principal's conference, I think. So I'm just keeping his seat warm, uh, kepping it warm. Ahem, I've notice you can having a tough time lately...

Clarence: I don- don't know...

Ms. Baker: Yeah, well you been getting a lot of detentions and... you know? behavioral issues...

Clarence: K.

Ms. Baker: Well, [inhales] I'm sure for you by now, you come up with a special punishment for you but first, someone here wants to see you. [surprises for Clarence]

Clarence: [glares and cries] Little Buddy! [reveals by Ms. Baker] [hugs to Lil' Buddy as he missed] [cries] Daddy misses you so much! [rubs softly his Lil' Buddy doll and tap to Lil' Buddy's eye and broke]

Ms. Baker: We know how upset you were when you missed recess. That wasn't fair, was it?

Clarence: [glares at Ms. Shoop] No.

Ms. Baker: Well, we think you should get that time back. How'd you like your very own recess? So cool up time just for you, little buddy here.

Clarence: Uh, really?

Ms. Baker: [reluctantly answered] Ah-hmm, yeah, go ahead.

Clarence: [glares at Ms. Shoop, who moves at the right side> He hugs Ms. Baker and happily runs out the Principal's office before stopping in the doorway.]

Ms. Baker: Oh, uh, Clarence! Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.

Clarence: What happened?

Ms. Baker: [winks] It will be happily ever after.

Clarence: [his cheeks turn to red as joy]

[Cuts to Lil' Buddy song while Clarence plays with his doll through the school grounds in playground]


Sumo: Looks like we gotta our old Clarence back!

Jeff: Huh, does that mean we can all be friends again?

Dustin: Yeah, probably.

[This episode ends with Lil' Buddy face saying the word "End".]

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