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Lauren's Dad is a character of Clarence. He first appeared in "Big Trouble in Little Aberdale."


Lauren's dad has fair skin, small eyes, a long nose, and a thick black monobrow. He has grey-turquoise hair styled in a bowl-cut.

He wears a red button-up shirt, a black belt, off-white shorts, grey socks, and white shoes.

Personality and Description[]

He appears as always angry or in an angry mood all the time, but he is actually the opposite.

When he comes home and sees that Lauren, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo are a little wound up, he invites them to sit down and talk. He uses puppets to help Lauren talk about her feelings, discovering that while she enjoys the structure of home schooling, she also has a need for less structured playtime with her peers. He finds her request very reasonable, and Lauren is able to show her appreciation for their productive dialogue.

When Sumo comes and assumes the spanking position, he is confused by it and Sumo sits back down, suggesting that he doesn't believe in nor use corporal punishment.


  • His gentle approach, and his encouraging Lauren to talk about her feelings while using puppets, tends to resemble Fred Rogers, the host of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
    • His voice and mannerisms are also reminiscent of Mr. Van Driessen from Beavis and Butthead.