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Lauren is a minor character in Clarence. She first appeared in " Rough Riders Elementary then in Big Trouble in Little Aberdale."


Lauren has fair skin, buckteeth, and a small nose. Her hair is red and shoulder-length, and she has straight-across bangs. She is about the same height as Jeff. She also used to have freckles, as seen in one of her old school photos.

She wears an aqua-green ribbon on top of her head, a white collared shirt underneath a grey jacket, a teal skirt, purple leggings, and dark purple shoes.


Lauren is very smart, much like Jeff, but he was able to learn a few things from her. She's been homeschooled since she was in kindergarten, causing her to be sheltered and unfamiliar with the outside world.

In her first appearance, it is revealed she has known Jeff since kindergarten, as they were both in Koyaanisqati's Class. Jeff assumed that Lauren left because she had lice, but she explained that the reason she left was because her dad assumed that she wasn't getting enough education and decided to homeschool her himself. Being homeschooled for so much of her childhood caused her to forget what the outside world is like, so Clarence, Jeff and Sumo decided to take her around town to places she's never been before. At the Pizza Swamp, Lauren went into a crazed sugar rush mode.


The gallery for Lauren can be found here.

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