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"King of the World" is the opening theme song to Clarence. It is used at the start of every episode, except the Pilot, because it was not made yet at the time. It is composed by Simon Panrucker.


I don't care what you say!
Gonna do what I want all day!
'Cause I'm king of the world!
I'm king of the world! [repeat 5x]


It begins showing Clarence's eyes with static as he is watching televison as he's in his house with no light, distorted news sessions play in the background, it then zooms out and Clarence presses one of the remote control buttons.

It transitions to cinematics of typical things kids do, it then cuts to someone running a big flipbook with a Godzilla like monster destroying a tank, and they both explode.

It then cuts to Clarence joyfully running in the neighborhood as multiple other kids ride their bikes and wacky vehicles as Clarence watches in amazement, it briefly cuts to Clarence and Sumo doing their own handshake, the color in the background changes each time they touch.

It then cuts to multiple kids running out of the treehouse because presumably a stink bomb exploded.




  • Clarence and Julien both break the fourth wall in the video. (Julien smashes a watermelon with a baseball bat causing the juice inside the watermelon to fly at the screen, and Clarence knocks his face into the screen).
  • In one scene of the theme song, Julien smashing a watermelon with a baseball bat is based on a Japanese game, suikawari.
  • The WB shield zoom-in sound from the Looney Tunes theme is sampled at the very beginning as the camera zooms out from Clarence's eyes as hits one of the remote control buttons.
  • One of the clips used (the treehouse) became a part of "Too Gross For Comfort." However, there are notable differences in the intro and the episode.
  • One of the clips used (the kids escaping the forest) became a part of "Lost Playground." However, there are notable differences in the intro and the episode.
  • One of the clips flashing at the beginning of the intro is the backyard of Chalmers Santiago's house.
  • There is a rough animatic version of the intro on Tumblr.
  • In Season 2, a "CARTOON NETWORK ORIGINAL" (written in white) appears on the bottom of the "CLARENCE" logo.
    • Similar to all other CN Originals (Except for Gumball and Steven Universe) (Regular Show, which was the first show to introduce it), followed by others (Uncle Grandpa, Adventure Time, and We Bare Bears)
  • In the beginning when Julien flips the book pages, there is a reference to Godzilla.
  • The whispers heard in the beginning are actually distorted news voices, the non-distorted versions are in the prototype version.