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  • This episode reveals that Jeff has 6 toes.
  • This is the only time so far where Sean Giambrone voices another character.
  • Sumo does not appear in this episode.

Episode Connection[]

  • This is the fourth episode to use Jeff's name in the title.
  • This is the 10th episode to use the same title card from all 9 previous episodes.

Character Connection[]

  • In this episode, a few of Jeff's classmates revealed their own secrets:
    • Clarence has a rash shaped like the state of Texas.
    • Camden has no eyelashes.
    • Vu has three nipples.
    • Malessica's right ear is hairy.
    • Heida has a unibrow.
    • Jeff has six toes.
    • Nathan's thumbs are double-jointed.

Cultural References[]

  • The song used in the Clarence's imagination of Jeff as Animals was a reference to The Late Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through The Tulips".


  • This episode revealed that Jeff had 6 toes on his left foot, which is basically similar Stanford Pines from Gravity Falls, who has 6 fingers on both hands.
    • This retcon was immediately panned by fans of the show right after the preview came out.
    • However Jeff revealed that the 5th toe was actually a toe cap covering both his five and sixth toe.

Episode Ratings[]

  • The episode received 1.38, which ranked one of the highest rated episodes of Season 2, which it superceded "Skater Sumo", who was ranked 1.36.