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"The Ghostly Gasp" is a song from Clarence, composed by Simon Panrucker as a parody of "The Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett. It is featured in the in various parts of the episode "Spooky Boo" and the beginning of "A Nightmare on Aberdale Street: Balance's Revenge."


The Phantom had a problem, her windpipe was rusty
The Mansion she was haunting was so terribly dusty
How could she be cool being ghoulish ever after, with all the dust floating up triggering her asthma

(She did the gasp), It was a ghostly gasp
(The Ghostly Gasp), it was a ghoulish craft
(The Ghostly Gasp), it was an asthma attack
(The Ghostly Gasp), she needs vacuum stat
(The Ghostly Gasp)


  • This song was played in both Halloween episodes of Clarence, the first being "Spooky Boo."