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Gary "Mooch" Noles is a minor character and antagonist in Clarence. He is the cousin of Belson.


Gary is taller and fatter than Belson. He has fair skin, chubby cheeks, a double chin, a black unibrow, and a dark brown mullet. He wears a black, short-sleeve shirt that his belly hangs out of, black shorts, grey socks, and black shoes.


Gary is a grumpy kid with a rather mean-spirited personality, as seen when he turns off Belson's game and steals his Game Buddy 2. Gary uses Belson's Father as a way to get to him, implying that he knows that he isn't around. However, Gary isn't completely hostile to Belson, as he was willing to help Belson attack Clarence with snowballs during the snowstorm after Clarence accidentally breaks the GB2.

Episode Appearance[]


Belson Noles[]

Belson and Gary are cousins, which both don't seem to each along with each other as Gary seems to take a bit of demand of being far worse that Belson itself, as both will likely fight it out against each other, until later in the episode when Clarence And Belson went to go find him, as once again started to fight it out until when Clarence rolled over Belson's video game, thereby destroying it, which both at the end, putting Clarence into a pile of snow where Gary was found and both throwing snowballs at Clarence and later left him there while both headed back to Belson's place.


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  • He is not in the same economic situation as Belson, as seen when he said Belson's house is cooler than his.