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The Game Show Host is a tempered man who has a love of his body creams that he turns into a game show at the Aberdale mall. He’s the main antagonist in the episode "Game Show".


The Game Show Host is a Middle-aged man who’s body is covered in his Body Mayo cream. He has a large set of blonde hair and a few wrinkles on his face. He wears a blue long-sleeve shirt with a big white shoulder pad jacket and navy blue shorts with blue flowers on them. He also wears a pair of blue flip flops.

Without his Body Mayo cream on, he’s shown to be an old, hideous man with pale skin, a bald head, a thinner chin, and long fingernails.


The Game Show Host is a short tempered man who tries to get people to buy his Body Mayo creams. He usually criticizes people’s looks like Tiffany and Breehn in showing of how his looks from wearing his creams make people look better. In the episode "Game Show", He starts out by dragging Clarence, Breehn, Mary, and Tiffany into his game and starts to lose more of his temper by the end of the episode. When an old lady asks him if she could purchase his Body Mayo cream, but is disgusted at Clarence and loses his chance of selling his product, He finally blows out and tells all of them to get off the stage. He then starts criticizing Tiffany of buying Breehn better clothes saying he looks like a "Creepy Doll" and refuses to give Breehn a prize, despite that he won the game. When Mary steps in standing up to Tiffany and saying that she wished that Clarence could look sharp like Breehn, He said that will never happen, angering Mary into making him fall into a pool of water, revealing his true hideous form. He runs away out of the mall saying to people to not look at him while also being chased by the police.


  • He mistakens Breehn as "Brian".
  • He bears a strong resemblance to former United States president Donald Trump.