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Game Dump is a location in the episode "Pretty Great Day with a Girl". It is where Belson bought his new game. The store appears to be rather small, but has what looks like a game console and a considerably large amount of games. There is a sign in the window for a new game called "Star Frog". It is also assumed that Belson bought his other games and game console from the Game Dump considering that there is only one gaming store in Aberdale.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Game Dump is a parody of Game Stop and the game shop in Australia, called EB Games
  • The boxes in the front window resembles the Xbox 360
  • Belson is the only known costumer
  • There are no known workers at the Game Dump.
  • The only known games from the store is City Planner 3000, The Cerebrus Breech, Space Frog and Space Mole I and II
  • The only known game console is the Acedia 64
  • This is the 2nd game related store, the first being the Pizza Swamp with an Arcade.
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