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Fishing Trip Gallery Transcript

Pop Culture References[]

  • When Chad loses all of his hair, his appearance closely resembles Homer Simpson from The Simpsons.
    • When Sumo steps on his toe, Chad even shouts "D'oh!", which is one of Homer Simpson's famous catchphrases.

Episode Connection[]

  • The suitcase of "Brigade of the extreme supreme court" of Jeff reappears.
  • That big turtle the Striped-shirted Girl had in "Turtle Hats" reappears.
    • It is unknown what he did in the lake, although he probably escaped.

Character Connection[]

  • Although Jeff never fished, he had a multipurpose tool specifically for fishing.
    • However it did not work very well.
  • Chad's hair attracts fish.
  • It is discovered that neither Clarence nor Jeff had gone fishing before.
  • Chad assumes he does not bathe very often.