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Eleanor-Josephine "EJ" Randell is a minor/supporting character in Clarence. She is Jeff's mother and Sue's wife.


EJ is a tall and hefty woman who shares several features with her son Jeff. Like Jeff, she has a square head, brown hair, and black eyes. She has a masculine style of dress, and is usually seen wearing a long-sleeved red button-up over a white undershirt, dark blue jeans, and brown boots.


  • She seems to be a stay-at-home mom. Jeff even said in "Dollar Hunt" that "she's got nothing but free time."
  • She leaves a note on Jeff's lunch bag in the episode "Average Jeff."
  • In "Chimney," it is revealed that EJ (and Sue) won't let Jeff have a dog. It could be that one of them is allergic to dogs.
  • In “Jeff Wins”, it is revealed that she dyed her hair green once.
  • In "Sneaky Peeky," it's revealed that she was in a film making class when she was in college.
  • Her full name is revealed to be Eleanor-Josephine in "Cloris."
  • EJ's voice actress, Lea Delaria, is openly lesbian in real life.
    • Lea regularly poses as a man, much like her character.

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