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Dust Buddies Gallery Transcript

[This episode starts to Clarence's house that he ask permission to Mary to go at Belson's house]

Clarence: All right see you later, Mom, I'm gonna go hang out with my best friend, Belson.

Mary: Oh, have fun and don't let them bust you around.

Clarence: [holds the door knob] [spits] Cynthia funnies jokes on heard all day, mom! [closes the door]

[We cut to Belson's house where Clarence visits there and in Belson's room.]

Clarence: [gearing with blindfold, taping on the left arm with baseball bat, and tapes with hockey stick on his another arm.] Cynthia said that she said be a stand up comedian. [raise his arm clumsily and wides his mouth]

Belson: [wearing a headset by playing with his computer] What did I tell you? Robots slave can only talk when I say. [presses the button] Left, go left! [presses the keyboard]

Clarence: [acting a robot] Affirmative, sir! Commencing movement! [causing a havoc by hitting Belson's trophy and other things]

Belson: Let you, dummy! White!

Clarence: [robot voice] [towards Belson] Roger, dodger! [hitting on back head]

Belson: Stop it, you dufus! No, I'm talking to....

Cynthia: Belson, honey! [at the door] Can I talk to you for a sec?

Belson: [pauses] Go away!

Clarence: [opens the door]

Cynthia: [glances on the floor] Hi Clarence. [raises her hand]

Clarence: [lying down on the floor] Hi Mrs. Belson.

Cynthia: Belson, it's about Tuffy.

Belson: Ugh. For a thousand time I've already walk your dog.

[We flashback to Belson's backyard where dog arfs noisily and Belson pushes the door while he play with his portable game but Tuffy still arfs while it walks crazily, Belson leaves Tuffy outside and gate open]

Cynthia: Okay, and why [Clarence stands up] did Hank find on his lawn?

Belson: Hank, who's Hank?

Cynthia: Our neighbor. [Welcomes to Hank]

Hank: [approaches] Hi there, I've found this [reveals Tuffy that Belson left his dog] Lil' yap a doodle eating my wheat grass!

Belson: [glares the Hank and ignores]

Cynthia: [mad] Belson, I ask you to do one thing and.

Belson: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll never do it again. [commands to Clarence] Robot slave, close my door.

Clarence: [still acting a robot] Yes, master! [salutes to Belson] [closes the door with the robot voice]

Cynthia: [opens the front door] Well, thanks for bringing Tuffy back. You'll have to excuse Belson's behaviour.

Hank: Well, if, if I may sure I'll insight with you it's like could I teaching my development course. The family unit is a human-heart and you have to ask yourself, "Are you the ortho or ventricle? [Cynthia says nothing but she listens] The point is discipline earns respect.

Cynthia: Oh, Belson respects me. [Tuffy smiles]

[Flashes back about Belson's respect with Cynthia]

[Cut to Belson's birthday]

Belson: [throws the first gift] Hate it. [throws another gift] Hate it. [throws another gift] Dumb. [throws the gift again] No. [grabs Tuffy and shakes] Wrong color. [gives to Cynthia] [angry] What part of “just give me cash”, don't you understand?!

[Cut to Hair Saloon]

Cynthia: [makes up her hair and approach to Belson playing a portable game and she act a model with her hair]

Belson: [serious] Did you do that yourself?

[Cut to Belson's house where Cynthia made a breakfast with a Food face as two eggs as eyes, one orange slice as nose and bacon as mouth and ketchup note with "I Love You"]

Belson: [dislikes] [shows and eats the box of pizza]

[We cut to present]

Hank: Aw, lo-look, me and some real chilled cats are have a little drum circle this Friday. If....

Cynthia: [closes the door]

[We cut to kitchen where Belson finds the food in the fridge, Clarence stands there, and Cynthia slices the apple]

Belson: There was nothing to eating here.

Clarence: [robot voice] Correction, there is probably lots of food.

Cynthia: I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow. Right time with you like me to pick up.

Belson: Um, yeah, like I leaving get it.

Cynthia: [worries and remembers Hank's advice but he's at the window] [hypnotize sound plays]

Hank: Discipline earns respect. [he leaves in weird sound]

Belson: [holds Almond milk] Ugh, Almond milk. [drops the Almond milk]

Cynthia: [inhale] [pauses] Belson, clean up this mess.

Belson: [weirds his face] What? Are you for real?

Cynthia: You heard me.

Belson: Ok fine, robot slave, clean up this mess.

Clarence: [commands] [sweeps the box of milk] [he interrupts by Cynthia]

Cynthia: Belson, I'm asking you to do it.

Belson: [breaths] Why does it matter? We have Lupe to do it for us. [holds the mini ladder] Heck im calling now.

Cynthia: It's pronounce to Lupe and it isn't heard job to clean every mess you made. Look, there are ventricles and there capillaries and... [interrupts]

Belson: [calls] Hey Lupe!

Cynthia: Give me that! [Belson leaves] [voices in the telephone with Lupe]

Lupe: Oh, Cynthia, yeah, no, there's a lot of construction but im on my way. I'll see you soon.

Cynthia: [glance to Clarence licking a strawberry jam with his tongue] [Tuffy approach and licks the strawberry jam] [glance to Belson wasting a box of cereal] [having an ideas] Lupe, hold on a sec. Clarence, why did you go home and ask your mom that she'll like a cleaning service.

Clarence: [opens his blindfold]

Belson: Huh!

Cynthia: Belson is gonna be doing cleaning our house today.

Belson: [terribly face] What?!

Clarence: [walks to his house] Mom, mom [falls on the floor and stands up] Belson's mom said that.. [opens the door and fall while Chad sleeps on the chair] Belson's mom said that the lady who cleans our house can come over clean our house because she's not gonna clean their house cause I.... house.

Mary: Okay, okay, hold on, hon. Cynthia, hi, hey, hey, go on. [wierd voice in telephone] You're maid. Oh, ah, yeah, Of, of, it's funny story, i've because we usually have a.. a... reginos are a butler but he sick you know so I actually that's great [Clarence removes the gear] you're offering a, sure I mean that works out fantastic in great, okay, than-thank, o, bye! [ends the call] Ay, ya-yay! [breathing] I can't have a cleaning service come over see in the house like this, look it's a mess.

Clarence: Yeah, but it is a point or this suppose to clean it up.

Mary: Uh, well, she's technically I guess, right? Oh, gosh, I do not need us today.

Clarence: Mom, you're not really making any sense at all.

Mary: You're right, im gonna get this place clean up before the maid gets here. Im gonna need you're help, all right?

Clarence: Uh....

Mary: [adorable face] [You Came A Right She Needs You music plays]

Clarence: [reluctantly] Okay, Yeah, sir.

[We cut to Belson's house]

Cynthia: [begging to Belson] Okay, start with the trash, then do the dishes.

Belson: Oh, okay. [pushes the trash can] Oopsy, I don't know what I'm doing!

Cynthia: [mad]

Belson: [walks to the faucet] [reaches the hose but he miss the dish] Oh no! [drops the plate] [pauses] [stare challenging with Cynthia]

Cynthia: [stops and teases to Belson] Okay fine, it just so happen there's something's that I'm bad at doing too! [Belson loses]

[We cut to Clarence's house, Clarence is cleaning at the sofa using the mini sweeper but he plays while Mary cleans at the window]

Clarence: [plays with mini broom and lies down on the sofa] This is so boring!

Mary: [glance to Clarence] [approaches to table and fingers the dust] Uh-oh!

Clarence: What, what is it?

Mary: Oh, I just notice the, we got some giant snail food over there. Yeah, a giant snails and you'll know this stuff and love eating it. Unless we get rid it with that the wand, you got having it, ah, we're wherein trouble.

Clarence: Wow, really?

Mary: Oh yeah, you got that wand, yeah, no pretty soon it's whole place it's gonna be full of a big hungry snails. [imagines]

Clarence: [imagines] Hmm... [stares the wall and crushes by a Four Giant Snails and eaten but it's an imagine] [sweeps the table] Must get rid of giant snail food! [circles while he swepts] What else? What else?

Mary: [points to another dust] No, over there on the shelves!

Clarence: [sweeps] I'm on it!

Mary: [appreciates and chuckles] You're doing a great job, hon. Keep those snails evade, alright?

Clarence: [sweeps] [stops sweeping] What is this dark trickery?

[We cut to Belson by playing with his portable game as Shark Bites the Diver and scores "100" and it lows battery]

Belson: Oh, great. [walks] [drops his portable game on the floor] [pauses] [screams] I NEED BATTERIES NOW! [walks to his room] [hearing playing his computer game but Cynthia plays his game.] [gasps] [opens the door]

Cynthia: [playing computer game] It saids life meter low. Is that bad? [displays walking Knight and it glitches, and it popups "EXPIRED"]

Computer Voice: EXPIRED.

Cynthia: [shocks] Whoops!

Belson: [Cynthia continues playing] Mom, stop it! You can't play my... What do you! You, you gotta kill, oh my! Oh my gosh, all my extra lives!

Cynthia: Did you finish cleaning up the kitchen, gummy bear? Oh, not you, my son. I call nappy, [hugs to Belson] because he was a baby, he reminded me a cute little gummy bear.

Computer Voice: EXPIRED.

Cynthia: Whoops! Is that bad?

Belson: [reaches the games but he pushes by Cynthia]

Cynthia: [pushes Belson's face] Ah, ah, not until the kitchen's clean.

Belson: [grunts] [runs to kitchen and he grab the dishes and foods, the wine glass break, and he puts on the garbage can but it's a mess, carrying the garbage can] Okay, I'm doing the chores! Can you stop now?

Cynthia: [at the window] And the gutters, they need to be cleaned out!

Belson: [wierds his face] Okay! Okay! Wherever you want, just please stop! [leaves]

[We cut to the Enchanted Forest, Giant Clarence fighting a dragon by pushing and carry, and crushes on the floor, and one-eyed Giant Mary carries the dragon with grunt while Giant Clarence protects by her mother and she throws the dragon away]

Mary: All right, now let's get back to that quicksand.

Clarence: [carries the Castle and drops pile of people]

Mary: [digs out the soil and drops the soil on the castle but she only drops the cloth on the basket]

[We cut to Belson]

Belson: [taking out the garbage] [exhausted] [glares to Hank]

Hank: [wearing a jogging attire] [chuckles]  Hey there, bud!

Belson: [disappoints and ignores]

Hank: [approaches] You help in your mom, huh?

Belson: Ah, yeah.

Hank: [grabs the fork] It's important to pitch in. [keeps the fork] I'll never help my mom out, [holds Belson's shoulder] we have spoken in years.

Belson: [mad]

Hank: [touches Belson's head] Keep that thought in your puckin, huh.

[We cut to Clarence's house, Mary and Clarence sleeps in the sofa as they exhausted, the door bell rangs, Mary and Clarence wakes up]

Mary: [opens the door and reveals Lupe]

Lupe: [glance to Clarence]

[Clarence is dressed up as neck tie while Mary is dressed up as white dress from "Dinner Party"]

Clarence: Hi, welcome to our kingdom!

Clarence and Mary: [welcomes to maid and turns the right]

Mary: Hi Lupe, ah, thanks so much for coming over.

Lupe: Oh, no problem. [equips with mop and broom]

[After Lupe comes in, Clarence and Mary are smiling but Mary lessen the smile in nervous and Clarence keeps smiling at]

Lupe: Ah, my goodness, your, you're home already look so clean.

Mary: [chuckles] Oh, what, are you crazy this pick [ctwo green frogs and cactus are clean and shiny] style? [and another things: flower vase, four towels, and letters in the fridge are clean and shiny] [reluctants] Alright, well, uh, let's get started.

Lupe: [glances at the left] [pauses] Uh.

Mary: [looks everywhere] How about the this.. [grabs the lamp] lamp? [sees to Lupe]

Lupe: [grabs the napkin and rubs the dirt] [nervously happy]

[We cut to Belson's room, Cynthia still playing Belson's computer game and Belson lies on the floor in exhausted]

Belson: [lying down the floor] I've cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, the rugs, the gutters, took out the trash, in the windows, the walls and picked up after Tuffy. Can you please stop playing my game now?

Cynthia: Of course, honey. Just as soon as you clear at the Christmas decorations from the garage.

Belson: [disappoints and crawls on the floor]

[We cut to kitchen on Clarence's house, Mary, Clarence and Lupe is looking any spot on the table]

Mary: Oh, I think that the spot right there.

Lupe: [fingering the spot]

Mary: Good. Okay, we bit no look at... I, I can't lie anymore, we, we cleaned up before you got here, you're right. I, I've never had cleaning service before when, when Cynthia called, I, I panicked.

Clarence: And we also disfought dragons, and we fought snails in stuff, it was cool. [Lupe impressed.]

Mary: We have a.. great of cleaning method. [chuckles] Dib, would you like some coffee in some?

Lupe: Oh, [removes the purse] sure, thank you.

[We cut to the garage where Belson removes the Christmas decoration]

Belson: [grabbing the action figured Santa Clause at the top of the box of Christmas Tree but he fails] Come on, come on! [collapse] [drops the Santa Clause and hits Belson] Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! [stucked in moving Santa Clause] [panting] Help! I'm being attacked!

[We cut to Clarence's house that Clarence tells the story about their own cleaning method]

Clarence: And this is a dragon [demonstrates with a lifting vaccuum cleaner] and we have beat 'em up because he's a bad dragon. [plays with a suck thing] and then, this is a quicksand do we have to pick it up.

Lupe: Aw, that was very brave of you and your mom.

Clarence: I know. [drives the vaccuum cleaner]

Lupe: [talks to Mary] You know, I really admired you relationship with your son. [sees to Clarence] It reminds me of an old folk legend.

Clarence: [hears] A legends, I wanna hear legends. [sits to sofa and sees to Lupe but he hugs by Mary] Tell me the legend.

Lupe: [Chinese sound plays] Well, it was long ago..

[When Loop Bay tells the story about the legend, the time displays with "One Really, Really Long Hour Later..." with the Red Font Color on the second word of "Really"]

Lupe: Never to be seen or heard again.

Mary: [still hugs to Clarence and says nothing but she listens]

Lupe: Oh, I, I mean not the last part of the story but the earlier part, that's the remind me of you two.

Clarence: [whispers] Wow.

[We cut to Belson stuck in the slow voice Santa Clause]

Santa Clause: [slows down] Ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho!

Cynthia: [removes the Santa Clause] Belson! I shouldn't know you're not strong enough to lift that thing.

Belson: [blames] This is your fault!

Cynthia: You know, I really thought today we teach you some responsibility but clearly you just two week in gummy old, old, gummy bear! [hugs to Belson]

[We cut to Belson's room, closing the door]

Belson: [adjusting the chair] [calming down] [streching his hands] Ah, finally! [shocks] [display as Dancing Gummy Bear Belson]

Computer Voice: Welcome back, Gummy Bear!

Hank: [in chat voice] [chuckles] Hey, bud! Can I join your team?

Belson: [stares at the Hank on the window]

Hank: [waving hand to Belson as he play the computer game which is similar to Belson's]

Belson: [closes the window with blinds]

[This episode ends with Belson closing the window and computer voice says "EXPIRED"]