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Dog King Clarence Gallery Transcript

Beans: [whining]

Clarence: Beeaaansss, [Beans opens one eye] hey Beeeaaanss! Hey! Hey Beans! Here you gooooo!

[Beans eats the cheese bacon wrap]

[Clarence puts his face against the fence hole as Beans goes over to lick his cheek]

Clarence: Eheheheheh, eheheh, thanks Beans! See you later!

[Clarence gets up and pulls a wagon]

[The camera moves to the inside of the wagon as Clarence picks up a piece of the food in it]

Clarence: Here you go Tuffy! Bacon and cheese!

[Camera clips to Porkchop on the fence]

Clarence: Hi Porkchop, I got you some ketchup with cheese.

[Camera clips to Bandit the dog]

Clarence: Bandit! I brought you some, umm, regular cheese!

[Camera clips to Clarence and Chimney]

Chimney: Bark

Clarence: Here Chimney!

[Dogs can be heard barking and squealing in the background]

[Chimney grabs the bacon and cheese and runs off]

Clarence: Aww, I love you! See you later! (Gasp) Mario!

[Camera clips to the dog Mario]

Clarence: And the old man who lives with Mario!

[Camera clips to the old man]

Clarence: Come here you little old good boy, I got some tasty cheese for you!

Old Man: Heheheh, oh you really do have a way with dogs boy, Mario just loves you, he doesn't even like me...

Clarence: Yeah, every dog likes me, cuz I'm the dog king! [Mario licks Clarence's hand]

Clarence: And the dogs love the dog king.

Old Man: Heheheheh, oh it's too bad you didn't run into Gale earlier dog king. I heard she needed someone to watch her dog today.

Clarence: What!?!?

Old Man: My friend Gale is gonna be out today and needed someone to watch her dog. But I think she already found someone.

[There is a bang as the camera zoom out to see the wagon flipped over and Mario eating the cheese and bacon]

Old Man: Oh, hey Mario save some for papa!

[Mario growls at the old man]

Old Man: Okay! You're the boss!

[Cuts to Clarence running through the neighborhood up to Gale's house]

Clarence: Hellooooo! Knock knock [Clarence knocks on the door] hello! [Clarence rings the doorbell multiple times] Is anyone home! I heard there was a dog king emergency!

[Gale opens the door]

Clarence: Hello, so I really wanna watch your dog please let me watch your dog!

Gale: Oh hi Clarence, that's very sweet of you but I'm afraid billy's already helping me today.

Clarence: Pleasseeeee let me watch your pupppyyyyyyy!

Gale: Clarence... I'm sorry but- [Belson walks out and interrupts]

Belson: Oh man I really wanted to do this thing my mom is making me do but I mean if Clarence, [Belson starts to walk away from Gale's house] wants to do it that bad who am I to stop him wow what a shame!

Gale: Come on in...

Clarence: Thannnk youuu!

[Camera clips to Mr. Cookies]

Gale: Well, here he is. My little Mr. Cookies, I'm afraid hes uh, not quite right.

[Bone chilling sound effect plays as lots of saliva drips off of Mr. Cookies tongue]

Clarence: He looks alright to me!

Gale: Well looks can be deceiving!

Clarence: Miss Gale, why do you have a turt?

Gale: Oh, that's Jessica, been my closest friend my whole life.

Clarence: Wow, I get to watch a dog and a really old turtle!

Gale: Yes.

Clarence: [Laughs]

Gale: Now Clarence, I'll be gone all day so if you have any problems-

Clarence: It'll be fine, you go have fun.

Gale: Clarence, I'm very serious Mr. Cookies is very moody-

Clarence: Bye bye! Have fun! Go say hi to Cloris for me! Okay, Okay bye!

[Clarence pushes Gale out of the house and closes the door]

Clarence: Phew, finally, it's just you and me Mr. Cookies, looking pretty cute there lil doggy! So what do you wanna do firs-

[Clarence reaches out to pet Mr. Cookies but Mr. Cookies growls at him]

Clarence: It's me Clarence!

[Mr. Cookies growls again]

Clarence: (Gasp) [Clarence pulls his arm back]

[Mr. Cookies turns normal again]

Clarence: Heh, Mr. Cookies must not know I'm the dog king! Squeak Squeak Mr. Cookies! [Clarence holds up a squeak toy]

[Mr. Cookies barks and growls at Clarence]

Clarence: Woah! Oh I get it! You gotta know my smell first!

[Clarence takes off his shirt and holds it toward Mr. Cookies]

Clarence: Come here have a smel-

[Mr. Cookies lets off annoyed barks at Clarence as he turns away with a shooked look]

[Mr. Cookies lays back down and calm]

Clarence: Uh... oh right, you must be tired... [Clarence points at Mr. Cookies and Mr. Cookies growls]

[Clarence puts his shirt back on]

Clarence: Well, I'll go see if I can find your nap blankie.

[Odd pitched music plays as Clarence goes in the upstairs bathroom]

Clarence: Wooooahhhh!

[Clarence calls Mary on the bathroom cellphone on the toilet]

Mary: Hello this is Hipclips!

Clarence: Hi mommm, guess where I am!

Mary: Heh-ha, I don't know where are you.

Clarence: The toilet.

Mary: Ah, that's nice Clarence, you having fun in there.

Clarence: Okay, guess where I am now. [Faucet handle sound is heard]

Mary: Clarence, I gotta I should get back to... wait, uh where are you?

Clarence: Eheheh, you gotta, you have to guess!

Mary: Are you calling from our house?

Clarence: Okay bye!

[Clarence peeks his head in Gale's bedroom]

[Camera clips to a framed photo]

Clarence: Hmmm, I wonder who this lady is.

[Clarence moves and see a doll and the music gets mixed with a horror sound and Clarence moves back and the music goes back to normal]

[Clarence opens Gale's wig drawer]

Clarence: Aww, you guys are nappin' too huh? [Clarence picks up a wig and kisses it and puts it back away] Sweet dreams!

[Clarence goes and opens Gale's closet to see a bunch of dolls the music changes to horror as the camera clips to different dolls and stuff]

[Clarence closes the closet door and goes down the stairs climbing down the support handle for the stairs and breaks it]

Clarence: [Gets up and opens the fridge and smells old spaghetti] No thank you! [Clarence looks at the bottom drawer of the fridge] Ohhh yeah! Oh hey there, hows it goin' you stayin' chilly you taters. [Clarence eats the potato then makes grossed out look on his face]

[Clarence goes to Mr. Cookies food and food bowl]

Clarence: Only one scoop, okie dookie. [Clarence pulls the dog food causing the entire bag to spill the food out into Mr. Cookies bowl]

[Clarence uses the scoop and scoops out food from in the bag into Mr. Cookies bowl]