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Dinner Party is the eighth episode in Season 1 of Clarence.


When Clarence Wendle attends a stuffy dinner party with his mother, he tries to find fun wherever he can.[1]



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The episode begins with Clarence Wendle in the backseat of the car, masterbating to a man running across the street as they pass by. Mary Wendle then tells Clarence to stop and then grab his dick and furiously gives him a handy.Clarence then starts moaning loudy and Chad gets jealous.

Yes daddy

Chad isn't interested in going to the party because he thinks Walt and Tiffany (Breehn's parents), are weird, and Mary agrees with Chad they are weird. After Chad almost crashes the car (He was doing exactly what Clarence was doing earlier.), they arrive at Breehn's house, gently crashing into someone's Lamborghin aventador as they parkThe owner comes out and notices them and starts yelling. While all the adults are eating, Breehn's parents talk about how great their house is, much to Chad's boredom. Meanwhile, Clarence, Jeff, Sumo, Percy and Chelsea are all havung a freeway and make a mess at a different table. Some "drinks" spill on the floor and Breehn says he's glad his parents got stain-proof carpets. Clarence thinks that's amazing and wonders what other secrets Breehn's house holds, so Clarence and his friends decide to explore the house and eventually discover the attic. Breehn tells Clarence that they can't go in there and his mom looks at them in a way that says "Oh, fuck me daddy, fuck me HARD😩". Breehn suggests going to the basement instead and his mom gets angry.


Breehn's parents take the adults to the bathroom to "show them something" and she closes the door, followed by a couple of rhe guys moaning.

Meanwhile, the children all go into the basement and Clarence orders them to hump whatever they can. Clarence finds some [censored] and turns tye page to see if he can find [censored] pictures. Jeff warns him not to touch it because it's "so poggers my guy", but he is too late. Clarence's hand begins hurting from all that [censored], causing Breehn to freak out. Jeff calms him down after rubbing one out on Clarence's hand. Clarence feels [censored] again. Chad grows even more bored and decides to sneak out to see what Clarence is up to. When he gets to the basement, Chad plays with the kids(ayo).After a while, they all decide to go into the attic, despite Breehn's warnings not to. Meanwhile, Breehn's parents continue to talk about how kuck their house is. Mary tries to add to the conversation, but is told to be quiet.Mary has none of it and gets ready to punch her block out(UwU).

When Chad, Clarence, and the others get to the attic, they begin hunting for ghosts, but find nothing(bunch of retards)

Did you hear that

Right when they're about to leave, Clarence hears a noise and thinks it's a ghost. Chad then notices that the floor is crumbling apart right where Clarence is standing and pushes him out of the way just in time, only for him to end up getting stuck in the floor, frightening the parents downstairs. Clarence and the others begin tsking his shirt off and kissing him.Then the ceiling bursts apart, causing them all to fall to the ground floor below. Traumatized and furious, Breehn's parents tell them that they'll pay for what they've done. Then, Ryan Sumouski's dad points out that if any of them got hurt, they could sue. Realizing this, Breehn's parents let them off the hook.

Upon leaving, Clarence and Chad assume they're both in trouble until Mary starts cracking up about the accident. She admits that she was getting bored at the party too and calls Walt and Tiffany "snobs". As they're driving home, Clarence pretends that he, Mary and Chad are jungle people running across the telephone wires. Clarence jumps over the moon, but Chad bumps into it and gets hurt. Mary then stops to make sure he's ok, and the episode ends.

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Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


  • This is the first episode where Breehn is a major character.
  • Percy can be seen with actual hands in this episode, something that happens throughout early Season 1.
  • Prior to becoming friends with Jeff, Breehn was likely Blaide’s friend, because he was usually seen near or next to Breehn; though it is a mystery why he wasn't at the party. (From Blaide’s wiki page)

Character Connection[]

  • This episode introduces Sumo's parents and Percy's parents.
  • Jeff and Chelsea were in this episode, but their parents were not. They were most likely dropped off at the party.
  • This is the first episode that Jeff goes out-of-character, meaning that he is usually clean and well behaved, but in this episode, he has loosened up a bit, and he does not stop anyone from going into Breehn's attic, and is actually intrigued by it (thinking they might be hiding something). Perhaps even he finds the party boring.
  • Tinona and Percy's mom were the only two who didn't have a speaking role in this episode.
  • Clarence, Sumo, Jeff, Mary, and Chad, were the only ones who were wearing party attire. As of the rest of the characters in this episode, they were in their normal attire.
  • Irony: Clarence, Sumo, Jeff, Mary, and Chad, wore party attire in the episode, but the rest of the characters did not, so it is unknown why those five characters have to dress in party clothes if the other characters were not going to do the same.

Cultural References[]

  • The song Sumo is singing while on the treadmill is Jim Dandy by American R&B singer LaVern Baker.
  • Breehn's Gameplayer is a parody of the Nintendo Game Boy handheld gaming system from 1989.
  • There's a Yellow car near to Blue car that resembles a 1999 Opel Astra hatchback.
  • The music played at the end is a parody of Baltimora's song "Tarzan Boy".
  • Clarence mentioning if there will be pies and everybody would throw them at one point somewhat references the signature pie fight sequence used in The Three Stooges. It also mimics Cheers Thanksgiving Orphans. And Cheers Cheers has Chili.
  • Chad's legs being exposed from the ceiling thus scaring most of the dinner party guests is similar to when Alan's legs were exposed from the ceiling thus scaring Aunt Nora in Jumanji.


  • When Chad and the kids fell from the attic they fell into the dining room on the first floor. That would not be possible because Breehn's house was shown to have a second floor, They probably went into a section of the attic that was on top of the first floor.
  • When the children and Chad fall in the dining room after the attic collapses, only Breehn and Jeff can be heard screaming.
  • Clarence says "Gentlemen!" to all the people at the kids' table. even though Chelsea is there.



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