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Diana is a squirrel who appears in the episode "The Tails of Mardrynia".


Diana is a squirrel with chestnut brown fur and cream colored fur from her face to her tail. She has a big bushy tail and small ears. She wears a red cape around her neck.


Diana seems to be the most responsible on out of all the Mardrynia animals. She cares enough to work together with her friends for escaping and cares for her sons.


When we first meet Diana in world of Percy’s imaginations, she and the rest of the Mardrynia animals wonder if it is safe from Clarence after they picture him as a villain for locking them in the garage. She begs for Fartholomew and Xavius to stop fighting in order to get out to get back to her children. When Percy comes back with a pizza for them, they rejoice in his imagination world now that Percy’s a mouse named Percius and had gave them a huge feast of thanking for her children wouldn’t go hungry for the winter. When Clarence discovers what Percy had done to the pizza, he stops the animals from eating and she finally states to Xavius that there’s no prophecy, but joins the rest of the animals and start a mob along with Percius to end Clarence once in for all, until all of them are kicked out of the house for good and claim Jim Reese as their hope for the prophecy of a feast.


  • Diana’s voice actor, Jodi Benson has also worked on fellow Cartoon Network series, Camp Lazlo, voicing characters such as Ms. Doe and Pasty Smiles.
  • She makes a cameo in the episode "Tree of Life".
  • Diana's appearance was likely modeled after Mrs. Brisby from Don Bluth's The Secret of NIMH. Mrs. Brisby is a small brown rodent with a red cloak and is also a mother.