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Darlie is a minor character in Clarence. She is a student in Ms. Baker's class.


Darlie has fair skin, a button nose, and notable eyelashes.

In the "Pilot," Darlie wears a long red hoodie and white boots. Though the hood covers most of her head, her blonde bangs can be seen in the front.

For the remainder of the series, Darlie is redesigned and now wears a long blue hoodie with the hood always up and a huge zipper in the front, as well as dark blue boots. In "The Trade," it's shown that Darlie wears light blue shorts under her long hoodie. Her hair is dark brown and parted in the middle. In "Classroom", she is shown to have two pigtails held up by two dark indigo scrunchies.


Darlie is one of Clarence's classmates in Ms. Baker's fourth grade class. She is often seen in the background during Clarence's adventures.


  • In "Pilot," Darlie resembles Little Red Riding Hood because of her red jacket.
  • The redesigned Darlie used for most of the series looks quite a bit like Shari from Wayside and Raven from the Teen Titans franchise.
  • She took her hood off in "Classroom" and is shown to have two pigtails.

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