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Cookies, also known as Mr. Cookies, is a minor character in Clarence. His first appearance was in "Dog King Clarence." He is a feisty dog who only seems to like his owner Gale.


He is a small dog with long, white fur that covers his eyes.


At the beginning of the episode, when Clarence came to Gale's house to dog sit Mr. Cookies, Gale tells him that her dog is difficult to care for, but Clarence believes that there is no problem. When Gale leaves, Clarence tries to have fun with the dog, but Mr. Cookies keeps growling at him. When Clarence tries feeding him, taking him for a walk, and tries getting his shoe back, Mr. Cookies get even more angrier, making Clarence believe that he is no dog king. After that, he hears a message from Gale, making him realize that Mr. Cookies misses Gale, so he dresses up as her. When Mr. Cookies sees Clarence, thinking he is Gale, he calms down. A few moments later, Gale comes home and sees her kitchen a mess. She asks Clarence if he was okay taking care of Mr. Cookies. Unaware of the situation, Clarence tells her everything was fine. While the two are talking, Mr. Cookies starts looking at Clarence dressed up as Gale, and Gale at the same time, causing him to growl at Gale, thinking she is not the real Gale. Gale is curious why Mr. Cookies is growling at her. After that, Clarence leaves the house. Gale asks him to stay to help her with the dog and to return her clothes, but Clarence ignores her. Back in the house, the dog starts following Gale into Jessica's tank.


  • Cookies and Victor are the only animals who don't like Clarence.
  • He shares somewhat of a similarity to Watterson from The Loud House.