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Company Man is the 13th episode of season 2, the 64th episode overall of Clarence.[1]


When Clarence loses the ball during a soccer game, he ends up following it into an office building – where he’s mistaken for the boss’s kid and given free rein to wander around.[2]



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The episode begins with Clarence and some kids playing soccer, Clarence was the goalie, but instead of playing with the others, he was watching the clouds and saying how do they look like. Then Gilben makes a goal and the kids get mad at Clarence for not doing anything. Belson forces Clarence to get the ball back, so he hides in a bush and goes down the cliff they were playing in. The ball stops in the sidewalk and before Clarence can get it back, a bunch of people take the ball to an office building. When Clarence gets in the building, he grabs the ball and touches the mouse of a woman who was working on the computer. The woman thinks Clarence is the boss's son, so she reminds everyone the boss's son is there. Clarence gets in the elevator, but the same bunch of people gets in there too because they don't like the boss's son. Clarence pushes a man's butt with the ball, and someone gets him out of the elevator on the 3rd floor, which is the Mail Room. Clarence follows Janice, the Mail Woman, and he gets into a room where he loses the ball in a tube. Then, Clarence puts some boxes together pretending he made "Brown Town". Clarence wants to help Janice with the mail and they both go to the 4th floor, which is the Sales Floor. While Janice gives the right mail to the salespeople, Clarence just throws some mail to the same three people. Clarence leaves the salesroom and asks for help in another room where a bunch of men is shredding paper, but they don't want his help so he gets out and keeps walking around the place.

The people from the elevator are talking about new building design in a room that is covered with glass. Clarence gets in the room because he thinks the building model is "Brown Town". Clarence is excited, but then he realizes that not everything is brown, so he says he wants them to paint it brown and leaves the room, a woman says that it is gonna cost a lot of money. Clarence finds the special lion elevator for the boss. An old man tells him that the elevator takes him to the boss's room, and Clarence says that no one likes that boos very much. The old man jokes about telling the boss to give him a raise, Clarence says he would, which causes everyone to tell Clarence to ask the boss for a raise. Clarence tries to escape but a man called Fritz stops him and gives him his suit. In the kitchen, a man called Noah discusses with another man called Joe, saying he didn't close any sale, making him go away. Noah says there are only two people in the world: Chumps and big boys. Noah talks Clarence about the "big boys" thing, telling him that the chumps get chopped, which scares Clarence. Noah gives a sandwich, some coffee, and throws away the other card to give him his card. Noah takes Clarence to the salesroom and gives him a computer. Clarence prints a lot of pennies images and tells an employee to cut them out and keep them coming.

Clarence calls Jeff and asks him to guess where is he calling him from. A fly appears and Clarence tries to smash it, saying a lot of bad things about the fly. What he doesn't know is that there are a lot of people in a room that are listening to him. After Clarence tells the fly to go away because it's useless, the people in the room whisper to each other talking about that. When Clarence notices an employee was talking through the telephone, he gets scared and ends the call. That call causes the numbers to go down and everyone goes crazy and runs around the office. Clarence tries to stop but he finds Janice and apologizes to her for making the numbers go down. Fritz and Janice send Clarence to the boss's elevator and lie to him saying "his father" just want to chat with him. When he gets in the Boss Floor, he remembers what Noah told him about chumps getting chopped. The boss asks Clarence if he is his son, and Clarence believes he is his father. The boss tells Clarence to give him juice, but he throws the bottle to a potted plant and breaks it. The boss does exercise while he tells Clarence all the weird stuff that happened that day; such as the Creative Team painting all the projects brown, Fritz running around naked, and losing their deal with the foreign investors. The boss gets really angry and Clarence hides under his suit because he is afraid of being fired. The boss tells him he would never fire "his son" and shows him a picture of him, Cynthia and Belson, revealing the boss is Mr. Noles.

The boss is sure Clarence is gonna take over for him one day. Then he asks Clarence for help and gives him some confidential documents which he has to burn. When he finishes up burning the documents, the NDB arrive and handcuff Mr. Noles, while one of the policemen throws water to the fire. Janice tells him she has been working there for 5 years and takes out her mask, revealing she was undercover. Janice tells him he is under arrest for "business fraud", "money laundering", and before she can say the last thing, Fritz arrives breaking a glass. Clarence asks what's going on and Fritz shows him that he has been bugged with the suit, and Janice kisses him for that. The NDB go back to the elevator with Mr. Noles and leave. Clarence is now the new boss, but he is tired of being lonely at the top. Clarence tells the whole company that he is leaving and sings a goodbye song about "Brown Town", but the company is empty except for a man that was asleep all the time. Before he leaves, the tube gives him the ball back, and Clarence remembers he was playing a soccer game. Clarence goes back to the cliff the kids were playing in. Belson is really mad at him for being out for 3 hours. Clarence gives him the ball and watches the clouds with the other kids. Belson gets mad at them and tells them they are chopped, ending the episode.

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In Latin American realeases for this episode when Belson says "Arrg, Idiot", the "Idiot" word was cut off due to it being innapropiated for young audiences. Proof:

Episode Ratings[]

  • The episode ratings received 0.90, which is the lowest-rated episode of the series as it breaks as the series new low until another episode, Worm Bin, which had broken the series new low with the ratings been a 0.77.


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