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Clarence for President is the 3rd episode of season 3, the 93rd episode overall of Clarence.


It’s school election time at Aberdale Elementary, and Jeff is once again determined to become Class President. However, like previous years, he’s unsuccessful in connecting with other kids, that is until he sees a shoe-in puppet President, the lovable Clarence![1]


The episode begins with Miss Baker talking about politics, but the recess bell rings and everyone leaves without paying attention to Miss Baker announcing school elections, Jeff was the only one who stayed, he was looking at the sheet of the inscriptions and he remembered the last school elections, so he asks Ms. Baker what these school elections will be based on.

He keeps his book in his locker and arrives Belson, who is sticking some gray circles in everyone's lockers to vote for him, because he believes that having class president is useless and wants them to vote for him so that nothing changes, then, when Jeff remembers what happened to him, he goes crying from the hallway.

Then, he arrives at the cafeteria and Clarence is making challenges with some children, when Jeff sees him, goes to his table and tells him about being president, Clarence tells him what he did and asks him what presidents do, Jeff tells him he could, and Clarence announces his candidacy while drinking his milk.

Afterwards, Jeff is at home making a poster of Clarence, a badge, and preparing a speech, then, Clarence is announcing everything he will do as president of the class, when everyone leaves, Jeff reaches out to Emilio and talks to him about the Clarence's speech, then, gives him all the milk.

In the press room, Belson is protesting that Clarence has the support of all, Chelsea and Emilio do not agree with him and offer to join, but Belson comes up with something. In the class, Belson presents a video he made posing as Clarence and saying bad things he would do in his presidency, everyone is surprised to hear that and they look at Clarence with contempt.

Then, Clarence and Jeff are walking down the hall, Clarence thinks he was the one who said everything in the video, Jeff explains that Belson did it and sticks a Clarence poster on a wall, he thinks Belson would never do that, Jeff tells him he insists with "getting his hands dirty", but Clarence does not want to and he breaks the poster, Jeff gets mad at him and Clarence says goodbye, Jeff asks him what he will do without him.

While Clarence goes down the hall, he finds some classmates, angry at the video, then he leaves, but he stumbles on the milk and slides down a corridor, suddenly sees a poster that inspires him and puts on a hat made of newspapers, then he will present a speech about what he will do in his presidency.

In the gym, Miss Baker presents the election and makes Belson talk about what he will do in his presidency, when it ends, Dustin applauds him and everyone does the same, when Clarence has to talk, he sings the United States anthem and everyone applauds except Jeff, He did not like it, everyone holds Clarence and they take him back to class.

There, Miss Baker gives her the president's band and asks her that of her announcements, Clarence tells her to sit down, Ms. Baker accepts her unwillingly, Clarence stands on Ms. Baker's desk and renounces her president, then begins to talk and tells everyone that he can not keep his promises, when he finishes, asks everyone to help him build a castle on the roof of the school, while everyone does their things, Jeff apologizes Clarence, who shows him his president's band that had hidden it in his "secret pocket", Jeff does not want to take the band, so he thinks of hanging it from a stick to make it look like a flag.


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  • On Jeff's imagination of him depicting the poster of him on his locker, on the part where it quoted "Make Aberdale Great Again" is a reference to the quote that was used by President Donald Trump, during the Presidential election race between 2015-2016 and Ronald Reagan during his 1980 campaign.


  • Even though Clarence slips on the floor wet with milk, when he gets up he does not have milk on his clothes or on his face.



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