General Information
Title: Clarence
Original Network: Cartoon Network (U.S. and International)
Boing (Spain)
Original Run: May 21, 2013 (Pilot)
April 14, 2014 - 2018
Episode Length: 11 minutes (22 in Capture The Flag)
Description: Clarence revolves around Clarence Wendle (voiced by Skyler Page)(episodes 1-32 and 35-36) and Spencer Rothbell (episodes 33-34 and 37-present), a fun-loving, spirited, extremely lovable and chubby 9-year-old boy who sees good in everything and everyone and wants to try it all. Clarence values his friends, Jeff Randell and Ryan "Sumo" Sumouski, more than material possessions, and out of the three, is the most emotional and has a heart bigger than his appetite. Jeff Randell (Sean Giambrone) is the more erudite type, and has a cube-shaped head representing his "square" personality. His mannerisms are calculated while his mind is teaming in knowledge (of mostly trivial facts).Sumo (Tom Kenny) is the most instinctual of their group, Aberdale's resident prankster and often takes drastic and crude measures when trying to solve problems. Though he is unpredictable, Sumo is loyal to Jeff and Clarence and available when they need support. They constantly lock horns with each other and are not as popular as Clarence is among the other kids, but he mends the gap between them. Clarence lives with his mother, Mary (Katie Crown), who is always there to support her son no matter the difficulty, and her boyfriend Chad (Eric Edelstein), who works at various odd-jobs and acts as Clarence's father figure. Ms. Melanie Baker (voiced by Katie Crown) is the kids' 4th grade teacher.. Joshua "Josh" (voiced by Brent Popolizio) is an overwhelmed and hapless young man who doesn't like kids, especially Sumo, who's responsible for the damages that he and Clarence had caused.
Main Characters:

Clarence, Sumo, Jeff, Ms. Baker, Joshua, Chelsea,

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Content Information
Rating: TV-PG
Content Labels: Comedy, Slice of Life, Adventure (some mature themes), surreal/fantasy
Violence: Mild to Moderate (in some episodes children fight each other or attempt to hurt one of the another), (Joshua get's solemnly, usually brutally injured in the episodes he appear in) (Season 1), (sometimes characters get into danger) (some disturbing imagery for children in a few episodes, (e.g "Lil' Buddy").
Language: No
Sexual Themes and Nudity: There are a couple of kisses in the series, including on same-sex kiss in the episode Neighborhood Grill. However, there are some episodes, depending on the episode, where some (male) characters (including Clarence) are seen shirtless or in their underwear, but only small amount of episodes contain nudity (mostly the rear). Ocassional innuendo
Drugs and Alcohol: Supposedly hinted in Attack the Block Party although this is yet to be confirmed.
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Mild
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