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Clarence Saves the Day is an online Point and Click game created by Cartoon Network. It was released on April 7, 2014.


It's Mary's birthday, and Clarence wants to give her the best gift ever. Clarence goes around Aberdale completing short tasks and talking to people for clues and hints.


It is mostly pointing and clicking doing different tasks for the characters of Aberdale, yet there are three mini games one where you have to dodge incoming blocks, a game with a playing style similar to guitar hero, and a fighting game similar to mortal combat. There is also a crane game where you have to get a duck for Kimby. There are different characters in the game that will give you hints if you do a small task for them. You have to buy a burrito for Dustin so he can tell you a secret code for a fighting game. You have to get a duck plush at the crane game for Kimby so she can tell a secret for another game. Finally, you need Jeff to fix the guitar game so you can beat the game and give Mary a present.

This game is released 1 day after the first episode of "Clarence" that was released on Youtube, and 7 days later before the official release of the Clarence series.




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