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Clarence Loves Shoopy Gallery Transcript


  • The name "Shoopy" is a spoof of Snoopy, Charlie Brown's dog from the Peanuts series.
  • This is the seventh episode to use Clarence's name as the title from 6 previous episodes.
  • It revealed that Ms. Shoop personally makes and manufactures her home-grown beans, mostly for personal eating.
  • This is fourth time that Ms. Shoop's Major role, first being Lil' Buddy, Lost Playground and Freedom Cactus
  • During the chase scene, Gilben moved for the second time on screen, first since Clarence's Millions.
  • Sumo does not appear in this episode.
  • The flag on the car of Ms. Shoop's possible relative resembles the tricolor flag of either the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

Character connection[]

  • Dilliss makes a cameo in the episode.
    • However, she was revealed to be deceased in "Plane Excited". Her appearance in the episode could probably conform that the episode takes place before her death.
  • This episode was the final appearance of Walt.

Episode Note[]


  • In this episode Gilben is much thinner.